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Wednesday, August 26, 2020 at 1:30 PM PDT
Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 4:00 PM PDT

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The specific dates/times: 1:30-3:30 pm PST on Aug 26, Sept.2,9,16,23 and Live web 2:30-3:30pm PST Oct 7.


This is an online event.




    Time to map out your calendar for our Fall  2020 Level 1 Series!  

   Get up and running for Accent Consulting with this series for Level 1:  The Basic ABCs of Accent ConsultingThere area total of six date-driven, live webinars: five (5), 2.5 hour webinars, plus one  (1) 1.0 hour webinar. These will roll out weekly in the busy fall season, with an intentional two-week interval before the final session.  

What if I can't make a session or would rather just do the course as a playback?

      You're free to do that:  the immediate playback is available only to participant(s) who miss one/all of the live sessions.  Plus, Lorna Sikorski is always available to playback attendees, encouraging your Q&A, so that she can include it in the following session.       

FEE:  $525.00

You get more than the actual 13.5 hrs of training with your Registration fee, including: 

  • 3+hrs of online 24/7 video review practicum for assessment available to your for the duration of your course,
  • 'Homework' assignments for Sessions Five & Six (module VII on Marketing) and Session Four (Module VI on Instruction Format options), reviewed by your instructor, Lorna Sikorski, (optional).
  • Significant handouts, references and video review docs for every session.
  • Our best-start-up materials (sent to you during your Series dates) for Trainers: 
  • P.O.E.C. (Proficiency in Oral English Communication), 6th Edition You will get lots of video practicum practice scoring time with your new assessment tool.   (retails $205.00).
  • M.E.E.C. (Mastering Effective English Communication) Complete E-Series (all 3 of our M.E.E.C. e-workbooks and 13 audio files) for your personal use as instructors:  it matches exactly what you order for (we hope!) your clients get in the future! (retails $189.00) 
  • Plus, at the close of your series, you have a 15-day access to the (@4+hours) recorded  'Talking Manual of the P.O.E.C.' video tutorials, containing specific tips & additional observations from the author.
 Your sessions will 'roll out' via a series of emailed 'ezines', containing:
  • an overview of the themes covered in each particular session,
  • links to printable handouts,
  • tips from your instructor and
  • links to video review (for Sessions One-Three), as appropriate. 
  • You have a dedicated Member access password for all url links