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Friday, May 25, 2018 from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM EDT

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Evans Towne Center 
7016 Evans Town Center Blvd.
Evans, GA 30809

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Fireside Hamburger Cooking Competition...

Kids Teams Only!!


Calling all kids ages 10-15!

You're invited to join Fireside Kitchens & Grills for our annual cooking competition featuring 10 teams of 2 kids (with a parent) ages 10 to 15 using Kamado Joe Grills to cook the perfect burger. This event is judged by KCBS judges and sponsored by Fireside Kitchens & Grills of Augusta, GA along with Kamado Joe and Lanier's Fresh Meat Market. 

Each team will consist of 2 kids (ages 10 to 15 only) accompanied by an adult to manage the opening and closing of the grill.

The Kamado Joe Classic grills are provided by Fireside Kitchens & Grills and will be onsite with everything you need provided (Kamado Joe grill, charcoal, starter bricks, ash tool and grill gripper)  If you have other tools you want to bring then that's great!  Bring it on.

What do you bring?   You bring the secret ingredients that make your burgers the best on earth.  We'll have ground beef and you bring anything else you want to add.  Get creative, use bacon, sausage, onions mushrooms, lots of cheese, peppers and anything else you think is vital to creating the perfect burger. And bring buns- get creative with what you use here too!

Oh wow, I almost forgot, DO NOT FORGET THE ADULT, no kids teams will be allowed to participate without a parent/adult to manage the grill for them, no exceptions.  The parent is not to tell the kids what to do but to simply lift and close the grill to ensure that we all have an awesome time and a SAFE TIME.

Now, what are we going to do with all these grills you're wondering.... great question, glad you asked.  We are selling them before the event as used and they will be going home with proud new Kamado Joe grill owners Saturday afternoon. For more information call the store 706-722-3939 or email.   By the way this is a pretty cool Father's Day Gift, just thinkin' out loud.



How much will I cook?  That will depend upon the judges as you need to cook enough for each one, no more than 6 burgers will be cooked per team.

What is judged?  Taste, appearance of the plate (pretty it up with parsley, chips, whatever you want but make it look delicious.  Be sure that everything on your plate is edible.   Everyone will use the same paper plates so don’t worry about bringing that.

Who will judge the burgers?  Independent Kansas City judges that are already in town for the BBQ event.

What do I bring?  Everything that you will need except the KJ grill, Charcoal, starter, ash tool and grill lifter, presentation plates and ground beef.   So all the stuff you plan to add, everything you will put on your plate (including buns), anything you will need to cook with (tongs, spatula, etc).  If you want to cook on cast iron cooking grates then bring them we will be providing the Stainless Steel grates that come standard.   We will have a table for 2 teams to share so if you need more space please bring a card table.   Clorox wipes are highly recommended so you can keep your utensils clean during the cooking.

What if I’m not used to the this type of grill?  Don’t worry we will have experts on hand to help you get lit up and answer any questions.

What do the adult team members do?  Light the grill, open and close the grill, assist the kids in anything they need preventing them from getting burned and keeping them safe.

What can the adult team members NOT do?  Cook the meal and prep the meal, it’s a kids competition, please let the kids have this one.   The kids will do a GREAT job if you let them.

What about tickets to get in?  If you are entered as a team then your name will be on the list to let in for free including the adult team member, 1 adult, 2 team members and anyone 12 and under.   We light up at 5pm so please be on time.

Any further questions please direct them to me at or 

Looking forward to a great time.

Greig McCully

Team Fireside