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Center for Healthy Habits 
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Diane Renz, LPC 
Center for Healthy Habits 
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   Join the weekly local group to change your Habit of Stress Eating Forever.

Diane Renz, LPC, Eat Right Now Facilitator, trained wiht Dr Brewer, skilled in clinical applicaitons of Mindfulness, background in Eating disorders, Anxiety, Stress, and subsequent negative behaviors and how to create Healthy Habit Change. 

Live, Local, Support, with others who are making the consistent connection to change habits that are hindering their health and happiness is a key factor in making this a long-lasting lifestyle shift.

Eat Right Now® is a 28-day program to help you change your relationship with eating. Developed by Dr. Judson Brewer MD PhD, a world expert in mindfulness training, and the team at Claritas Mindsciences, this program will give you step by step training to help you learn how to work with food cravings, what type of food we reach for and how we eat.

Who Should Register: 

  • Anyone who 'Stress Eats' - using food to find Relief from the Demands of Life
  • Anyone who has tried Diets & Will-based techniques to eat healthier without success
  • Anyone who wants to increase their Energy & Focus
  • Anyone dealing with Binge Eating
  • Anyone who finds Relating to Food & Eating no easy thing in our culture
  • Anyone wanting to EnJoy their food again & learn how to Mindfully eat
  • Anyone ready to let Awareness make the Change that Will just Can't
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We are all mixed up about Food. It is used in so many ways, to celebrate, to comfort, to contain our feelings. We often don't know when we are really hungry or if we are just eating out of Stress. Food can become the way we seek Relief from the speed and intensity of our modern lives, leaving us only feeling depleted. It's simple, we have Trained ourselves into unhealthy eating patterns, and through Eat Right Now we can Train something new, as we begin understanding how we created those Habit Loops and cut right into them through very simple exercises delivered via your smartphone. You will learn how Paying Attention in a certain way which will guide you toward behavior that really feels quite natural just by discovering what's really going on, in the body, in the brain, in the behavior. Just 10 minutes a day is all you need to begin changing your relationship to food forever.

Eat Right Now is not another will-based attempt to diet or self-improve where later you only feel guilty for not being able to stick with it. This is brain-based science of how we can create New Habits for Happier lives in how we Relate to Food. 

No more sense of deprivation and trying to be good, just natural effortless shifts in behavior that come from simple Training your Brain, Body, and Behavior to discover directly how we can stop relief-seeking and start feeling real sense of Reward. 



 Dr. Brewer is psychiatrist and internationally known expert in mindfulness training for addictions. He is currently the Director of Research at the Center for Mindfulness and an associate professor in Medicine and Psychiatry at UMass Medical School, research affiliate at MIT, and adjunct at Yale 

Eat Right Now Group 

Uses the 'flipped classroom' model - Through the App you get bite-sized theory & practice delivered right in the middle of your life of stress eating, (you just need 10 minutes a day), then, use the live in-person group to explore with others what you are discovering, struggling with, needing more information about, and learn how to practice what you have been studying at home.

The Combination of App-based delivery, Live in-person support with Eat Right Now expert Facilitator, optional online community support, and weekly live online connection with the creator and founder of Eat Right Now, Dr Judson Brewer, you can find the real change you have been seeking in creating new Healthy Habits with Eating.