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Book Buzz weekly talks will be held from 1:30 - 2:30pm virtually. Zoom links will be emailed to participants weekly.


Registration will close at the end of business on Monday, April 27th. On Tuesday, April 28th, the books will be shipped directly from Exchange Press to the mailing address provided on registration form. Please make sure this is the correct address that you want the book shipped to.

You will receive your copy of the book no later than Friday, May 1st.         

Once you recieve your book, you can begin to review and read the book at your pace. The book is collection of little stories. These stories are what Holly Elissa likes to call "vignettes". These stories add up into a bigger story, until at the very end, the whole story will reveal itself. Each week we will have "suggested" reading goals but you can pick up the book and read as long or as little as you wish. As long as each person finishes the book, in their own time.

We will be using the reflection and book club questions at the end of each chapter during our book buzz weekly talks. We ask each person to read and reflect on the questions in the chapters/sections assigned. Holly Elissa has asked that each person "go on a treasure hunt" in the weekly sections assigned and bring one treasure you found to our weekly book buzz. This can be a part of story that stood out to you personally, it can be a quote you relate to, if can be one of the pictures that might have touched you, it can be a question that you would like further explained. If can be ANYTHING you want your weekly treasure to be. 

Registration Fee:

Registration Fee to join the IHSA Book Buzz is $150.00/per person. The fee includes:

  • Paperback copy of Holly Elissa Bruno's brand new book, "Happiness Is Running Through the Streets to Find You - Translating Trauma's Harsh Legacy into Healing"
  • Prioty Expedited Shipping so you receive the book no later than May 1st. 
  • Weekly reading assignments
  • Weekly book buzz discussions with the best selling Author herself, Holly Elissa Bruno. Discussions will link to the ongoing question of how to translate our work together into practice when we return to our programs and classrooms. 
  • This is a Registry-approved training and Gateways Registry Credit will be given to participants who participate each week. You must attend each weekly book buzz in order to receive credit. The hours will be reflected on the participant’s Professional Development Record (PDR), allowing particpants to meet annual training requirements for DCFS and/or ExceleRate® Illinois.
  • At the end of the IHSA Book Buzz a Certificate of Completion signed by Holly Elissa Bruno and IHSA Executive Director, Lauri Morrison Frichtl will be mailed to each participant. 


Michelle Iocca 
Illinois Head Start Association 


**REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE ON MONDAY, APRIL 27th at the close of business (5:00pm)**

Be a part of the brand new IHSA Book Buzz, featuring weekly buzz talks with the award-winning and best selling author herself, Holly Elissa Bruno! ENJOY THIS VIDEO TO YOU FROM HOLLY ELISSA! 

Since the COVID-19 crisis has us confined to our homes, are you looking for professional development opportunities for your and/or your staff? Since we know this book will help both individuals coping with isolation and administrators looking for staff professional development and/or staff discussion materials, we wanted to make this unique opportunity available to our entire Illinois Head Start community. Don't miss this chance to come together with your Head Start collegues to read, learn, and interact with each other ALL WHILE RECEIVING GATEWAYS REGISTRY CREDIT!

Join Holly Elissa Bruno and IHSA virtually once a week during the month of May while we read, explore and discuss her brand new book and personal memoir, "Happiness is Running Through the Streets to Find You: Translating Trauma's Harsh Legacy into Healing". In this book, Holly Elissa shares her childhood experience of trauma and abuse offering a beacon of hope and a tangible example of how you can take a hard situation and still make a positive difference in the world, and most of all, in the lives of children. She describes the experience of recovering from trauma and transforming pain into love. She artfully intertwines her personal reflections with sage advice and scientific research that draws the reader into both her personal journey and the broader and important conversation surrounding childhood trauma. The book confirms the understanding of how important the work is of early childhood educators and the value of the relationships we have with children and families. Whether you've endured trauma firsthand or not, Holly Elissa's words give hope to survivors and a point of empathy to supporters that will overall allow us to be better caretakers of the children and families we serve. We are in unprecedented and extremely hard territory right now and this book will guide us into taking these challenges and turning them into something positive. In so many stories of challenge and trauma, there's hope and positivity and that mindset shift enables us to keep going. Right now, we need to keep going! We need to keep going for ourselves, our families and friends and the people we love. We need to keep going for the children and families we serve. They need us now more than ever. Let this book and weekly book buzz discussions be your guide, your strength, and your motivation to stay focused on what really matters during this crazy time in our lives and, ultimately, help link our work togeher into practice when we return to a brand new normal. 

LISTEN TO HOLLY ELISSA BRUNO in this PODCAST where she discusses her lastest book, "Happiness if Running Through the Streets to Find You".

LISTEN TO HOLLY ELISA BRUNO in this PODCAST where she discusses how trauma impacts young children into their adulthood. In this podcast episode, Holly Elissa Bruno, author of the book "Happiness is Running Through the Streets to Find You", which is all about supporting traumatized children. She shares practical tips on how to talk to children about the feelings that come with a traumatic experience and building trust in an authentic way. 

"Happiness Is Running Through the Streets to Find You is a remarkable book, written by a remarkable woman. When I think of how easily Holly Elissa laughs and loves, given everything she's endured, I am in awe. To say that her story is a testament to the human spirit is to use a cliché, but there's simply no other way to put it. Because of Holly Elissa's courage in writing this book, readers will have a much greater understanding of and empathy for children who have experienced trauma."
– Rae Pica, Author, What If Everybody Understood Child Development?

"Holly Elissa Bruno has done it again! In her latest work, Holly has carefully and sensitively balanced the emotional minefield of trauma with the healing words of stories that flow with deep understanding, direction, and comfort. While personal trauma may seem unsurmountable, Holly guides with care, juxtapositions, and the ahas! of self-reflection and discovery. Each bite-size story or anecdote takes the reader on a personal journey in the healing process. This excellent format lets the reader follow a direct approach or simply pick any story or 'chapter' at random. And each will certainly lead to unexpected personal reflections, with the option to return later for extra good counsel. The topics will challenge, fire old hurts, produce tears, and ultimately provide peaceful joy. Thanks to Holly for the courage to bring this work forward!"
– Luis A. Hernandez, ECE Specialist, TTAS/Western Kentucky University