Wednesdays starting April 15th through June 3rd from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM MST
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Kenya Romero 
Harmony Hospice 

Community Bereavement

Webinar Sessions

Presented by

Murray Flagg, PhD, Director of Spiritual Counselor and Education

Session 1 - The Nature of Grief

Introductory session for bereavement group. This session is the opening for our eight meetings and the aim is to settle the group, introduce the process, establish norms and provide a working format for managing grief.

Session 2 - Managing Difficult Emotions

We move into the matter of dealing with difficult emotions and their impact on life and relationships. 

Session 3 - Nurturing the Wounded Self 

We address the wounding that is the result of grief and how the wounds may be acknowledged and addressed, if not healed.

Session 4 - Remembering the One Who Died

A journey of remembering the loved ones who have passed. This will include a time of sharing and providing materials with suggestions of how to celebrate the life.

Session 5 - Making Needed Adjustments

We look to guide the group and individuals toward finding the adjustments in their lives that will move the toward a “new normal.”

Session 6 - Coping With the Stress of Change

We look at change and the stress that is often involved. To address the issues of stress - physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Session 7 - Reaching Out for Support

We assist the group to understand and accept the fact that we are not on this journey alone and help participants find new ways of reaching out for support.

Session 8 - Handling Special Occasions

We address the challenge of holidays and the anniversary of the death of the loved one.




Kenya Romero
Harmony Hospice