Love in this World and the Other:

Loving the Outcast Brother

12th Annual "Love in this World" Men's Retreat

July 14-16, 2017

Ojai, CA


Friday July 14 6 pm to Sunday July 15, 12 noon, 2017
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Private Residence in Ojai


Tom McGee  805-312-2398

Richard Palmer  805-428-0393

Dan Komaiko  805-794-3082

Thom Larson  805-320-0349


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Find that inward symmetry

to all outward appearances,

apprentice yourself to yourself,

begin to welcome back all you sent away,

be a new annunciation,

make yourself a door through which to be hospitable,

even to the stranger in you.

                           ~from David Whyte, "Coleman's Bed"

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This retreat will be led by Richard Palmer, Doug Von Koss, and Tom McGee.  It will be held in a private residence in Ojai, overlooking the Ojai Valley and close to hiking trails that go into the nearby mountains.  (The address will be provided upon registration.)  Food will be provided.  It will be necessary to bring pillow and blankets or sleeping bag for those who stay overnight. Limited space for tent camping is available.  Those residents of Ojai who wish to commute will have only a short distance to travel.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing this wonderful work together.




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     There are "places within us that have been wrapped in shame and banished to the farthest shores of our lives.  We often hate these parts of ourselves, hold them in contempt and refuse them the light of day.  We do not show these outcast brothers and sisters to anyone and we thereby deny these parts of ourselves the healing salve of community."
                                                                              ~Francis Weller 

     We all carry these outcast brothers within us, our sources of shame, regret, and self-hatred that diminish our lives when they are kept untouched by love.

     Then there is the outcast brother we once were.  Who of us in this life has not felt he was the outcast brother in the presence of a group which did not invite belonging?  The shame and embarrassment of not being included, which bites and stings and leaves its mark, whether it happened on the playground or in the workplace, or even at home.

     And today, more than perhaps any of us remember, there is a hostility in our society toward certain groups of people based on their religion, their race, their sexual orientation, their home of origin or that of their ancestors.  These are outcast brothers and sisters living among us who need our compassion and our respect.

     In this retreat, we will welcome the outcast brothers within us, those in our past, and those who live among us who need healing and love, from ourselves and from the community.  We will be asking the questions: What does it mean to be a brother?  What does it mean to welcome the outcast brother.?

     Join us as we engage in a weekend of brotherhood and belonging, with poetry, deep sharing, and celebration of our humanity.

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       RETREAT FEE: $395      

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Camerado, I give you my hand!

I give you my love more precise than money,

I give you myself before preaching or law;

Will you give me yourself?  Will you come travel with me?

Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?

                                                                  --Walt Whitman