Transform your space

with award-winning art by Wisconsin artists with disabilities


Creative Power 

ARTS for ALL Wisconsin's Traveling Exhibtion

Creative Power offers a unique glimpse of the often under-recognized creative talents of people with disabilities.  These objects of beauty and value are imbued with powerful meaning and reflect the distinctive journey of each artist.

What you’ll get:

Art: Thirty pieces of award-winning, framed two and three-dimensional art by Wisconsin artists with disabilities.

Signage: A 22” x 30” sign introducing the exhibition, 30 framed artwork labels containing the artists’ names and hometowns, the artwork titles, and short statements about the art.

Educational Materials: Family-friendly educational brochures featuring activities for exploring the exhibition and information on disability awareness; Meet the Artists, featuring biographies of the adult artists in the exhibition; Putting Creativity to Work: Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities; and comment books with thought-provoking questions.

Support: AFA Wisconsin’s Art Director will be in touch before and during the exhibition, assisting with exhibition scheduling, publicity, and evaluation, and answering any questions that may arise.

What you can add:

Display Racks: Two-dimensional art in the exhibition takes up a minimum of 60 linear feet of wall space, which allows for only a couple of inches between each frame. Ideally the exhibit should be displayed on 160 linear feet of wall space. AFA Wisconsin’s wire racks form temporary walls that can add up to 96 linear feet.

Artist Talk: An award-winning artist whose art has been featured in creative power can visit your venue and talk about how living with a disability has influenced his/her life and art while showing images of his/her work.

Guided Tours: ARTS for ALL Wisconsin staff can provide guided tours highlighting the art, disability awareness, and universal design. You can incorporate the tours into your own educational programs or AFA Wisconsin’s Art Director can schedule tours with community groups. Call 608-241-2131 for more information.

What it will cost:

Exhibition $200 Display Racks $125 Artist Talk $150


Debra Scheibinger, Art Director