Monday January 16, 2017 from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM CST
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La Virgin, San Antonio, TX 
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Kate Hill 
Grrls Meat Camp 
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Camp Charcuterie: 1-Day Workshop 

This one-day advanced level butchery and charcuterie workshop is designed for industry folks; the 6-hour class features a 6-week outline for transforming whole carcasses into a butcher’s dozen of profitable French farmstead charcuterie products. This pragmatic approach to whole carcass butchery and charcuterie is practiced on the Chapolard farm in Southwest France every week as the 6 member farm team transforms 8-10 pigs for direct sale via farmers’ markets. This intensive workshop day is aimed at chefs, farmers, and butchers with some previous understanding or experience of working with pork, butchery, cooking, and curing.

Part one: The Break Down

Based on Dominique Chapolard’s weekly farm production (Seed-to-Sausage on 100 Acres), we demonstrate -step by step- the breakdown of a whole carcass from primal to French charcuterie cuts. Dominiques unique sheeting technique is a skillful way to approach whole carcass charcuterie.


Part two: Products

  • We follow seam butchery to establish smaller salt-cured whole muscles- noix de jambon, filet sec, coppa. All products that cure in reduced time

  • An introduction to cured sausages- saucisson and saucisse seche

  • Next, as taught in our advanced level course in France, we explore the basics of value added products from trim and undervalued cuts.

  • Finishing with a special focus on the ‘fifth quarter’-from paté de tête or headcheese, grattons (rendered fat product), pates and terrines.

In one day we create from a whole carcass an overview of 13 traditional French Charcuterie products produced over a 6-week timeframe- “from Pig to Plate.”



Food Safety and Economic Materials

We focus on Old World products supported by New World food safety standards. The day concludes with an overall economic breakdown including a product cost analysis. Recipes and worksheets are provided in a workbook.



Kate Hill is a teacher, coach, cook, mentor, and author with more than 40 years of experience in the food industry. When she isn’t traveling the world giving workshops or collaborating with other heads in her field, she leads charcuterie programs and courses at her home and school in France, the Kitchen at Camont.


Kate co-founded Camp Charcuterie and is also the founder and CEO of Grrls Meat Camp, an international organization which aims to inspire, instruct, and initiate a sisterhood of farmers, butchers, cooks, and teachers giving voice to women working with food animals and meat. Kate’s work has placed her at the forefront of the Whole Carcass butchering movement and only further strengthens her reach as a teacher and communicator on a global scale.



Dominique Chapolard is a French farmer, butcher, and charcutier who runs a farm-to-retail business with his wife Christiane and three brothers on their 100-acre family farm, Ferme Baradieu in South West France. For three generations, the Chapolard Family has bred and reared their own pigs, grown all the grain needed to feed them, butchered and transformed the meat on-site, into traditional charcuterie to be sold directly to loyal customers at local farmers markets. We call this process “seed-to-sausage”.


Dominique embodies the traditions of his craft and culture, his commitment to rural economics, and an innate love of teaching. As a former headmaster of a regional agricultural school, Dominique teaches the French method of butchery alongside Kate Hill for the Kitchen at Camont in France and inCamp Charcuterie workshops across the globe.

Jack Matusek is a Texas native who, upon graduating from Texas Christian University, decided to pursue his passion for whole animal butchery and charcuterie. Working in some of the world’s most famed cutting rooms learning from the best in the business, Jack has landed in kitchens like Fleishers Crafte Buthcery in NYC, The Kitchen at Camont, in Gascony France, Officina Della Bistecca in Panzano Italy, Folkets Madhus in Copenhagen Denmark, and Steensgaard on the Danish island of Funen. Jack has a HACCP certification from Dirigo Food Safety, attended and signed The Butcher’s Manifesto and has done food festivals in Berlin Germany. He returns to home in Central Texas to share his international skills and his French mentors. 


This workshop is suitable for 12-20 participants, demonstration and participation with supporting materials.

Hours: 10:00-4:30 or 6.5 hours instruction to include a 1-hour lunch break.

Price: $275 per person

Location: LaVirgin

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