Wednesday, March 22, 2023 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM PDT
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Cynthia Klein, Ally Parenting

Are you longing for a better way to get your kids to follow the rules?

Are you giving up and not expecting your kids to help anymore?

Are you wondering why pointing out what they are doing wrong isn’t helping?

If so, you may be feeling so frustrated that you are yelling,  “Why can’t you…?” “You should…” , “How many times do I ….?”

Come to my free class where you'll quickly learn what words don't work and what to say instead. 

You are not alone in struggling with figuring out how to get kids to follow your directions. Parents in your situation feel stuck and frustrated and worried for their kids' future. If they won’t follow rules and take responsibility now, what will happen when they leave home?

This is a valid question that should not be taken lightly. It’s crucial that you don’t give up on getting your kids to contribute to the house and follow rules. They need to learn the value that being part of a group means taking responsibility for the success of the group. 

Join me in this bonus class, Learn How You Can Quickly Win Cooperation - Not Rebellion, on March 22nd at 12pm PT, so you can start making positive changes right away.For  parents of 9 to 14-year-olds.

When your kis help around the house, you are teaching them values now that will deeply impact their future. This is whether the group is who they live with, who they are on a project together with, or who they are in a relationship with. 

When you learn how to create a cooperative home, you are teaching your kids how to value themselves and others. When you give up and say your kids are too busy with school to help or that they complain too much, then you are teaching your kids that you don’t matter and that the happiness of the family doesn’t matter, either. 

How is this going to impact them as adults? Think about this. What values are they learning from you?

As you know, I’m very passionate about teaching you how to set expectations and get your kids to take responsibility to help and follow rules. 

In this bonus class, you’ll learn 

1. Why does asking and repeating not work?

2. Why resorting to shaming doesn't work. (and what shaming you are using and you don’t even know it.)

3. The key proactive action that gets kids to take responsibility.  

4. My favorite tactic that got my teen to do her chores.

You and your children's happiness is worth taking an hour to learn how to teach the value of contributing to the family. When they practice the skills of being part of a community, it will become their value as well when they are adults.

They won’t enjoy doing chores or taking responsibility for their actions now. However, you are laying a solid foundation for their life that will lead to greater happiness for all of you. 

Join me on Wednesday, March 22 at 12 pm PT and tell your friends, too. The class is for parents of 9 to 14-year-olds. 

Don't hesitate -- Register Today at the link below! 

I look forward to meeting you and being the source of parenting guidance you deserve so your whole family can be happier!

Happy Parenting,


Here's a fantastic success story of how Phil and Angela won cooperation with their kids.   

Angela and Phil were so frustrated with trying to get their kids to help out, that they often ended up raising their voices and telling their kids how disappointed they were with them. When their kids were young, this would make them feel bad and they would start crying and do what they were told.

Now that they are older, their kids just yell back and even tell them what awful parents they are. They came for help because the situation was getting worse and they didn’t see any way out of this negative pattern.  

We first focused on them stopping the shaming which was scary. Then, they started working on their listening skills and began having family problem-solving discussions. This new approach built greater connections and more willing to help. This approach coupled with giving respectful directions has created a big positive shift so their kids are much more willing to contribute and be responsible. It isn’t perfect, but at the same time, they know what changes to make and feel more confident in how to parent with less conflict and more cooperation.