Handbell Musicians of America Area 1  


Region #17 Middle School, Killingworth CT 
451 Route 81
Killingworth, CT 06419

Driving Directions

Schedule for the day

8:00-9:00 AM    Check in and set up

9:00-9:15           Opening bell; announcements

9:15-10:30         Massed ring rehearsal

10:40-11:45       Morning workshops

11:45-12:40       Lunch
                          Rehearsals for individual groups

12:40-1:45         Afternoon workshops

1:45-2:45           Massed ring rehearsal

3:00-4:00           Sharing concert

4:00                   Closing bell
                          Pack out and clean up

Selections for Massed Ringing

  • All Things Bright and Beautiful Sondra Tucker; Level 2; 2-3 octaves; Choristers Guild CGB506
  • Aria for Handbells  Dale Wood; Level 3; 3-4 (5) octaves; AGEHR AG34005
  • Bound for the Promised Land  Derek Hakes; Level 3-; 3-7 octaves & 3 octaves chimes; Agape HP2806

Selection for Coppers' Workshop

  • Crown of Thorns, Crown of Glory  Cathy Moklebust; Level 3; 3-5 octaves & 3-5 octaves chimes; Choristers Guild CGB668

Please purchase and practice these before the event.


Mobby Larson, CT Chair 
Handbell Musicians of America, Area 1 
(860) 464-7593 

Connecticut Spring Ring 2018
Saturday, March 24

We are looking forward to another day of ringing, learning, fellowship and fun at the annual CT Spring Ring! The event will consist of three parts: massed rehearsals, workshops, and a sharing concert in the afternoon. Rick Wood is our clinician this year, and he will lead rehearsals using the selections listed on the left. There will also be various workshops, which you can choose when you register. The day will conclude with a public concert presentation of the Coppers and Massed-ring pieces, along with peformances by bell choirs, small ensembles, or soloists who choose to share their talents!

Individual ringers as well as bell choirs are invited to attend. If you are attending as an individual or as a partial bell choir, please let us know if you would like to be placed with another group. Similarly, if you are a bell choir missing some members, let us know what position(s) you might want filled. We will try our best to find good homes for all "orphans."  As with all events sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America, participants must either be members, or register under the membership number of their director/group. See below for the link to more information about membership.

About our Guest Clinician

Rick Wood of Bethlehem CT is a retired elementary schoolteacher and technology coordinator, full of energy and enthusiasm for handbells. He is a well-known figure here in CT, and has served as clinician and workshop leader in previous Spring Rings. Rick is the founder and director of Chime In! Music With a Mission. Their mission as a group is to engage people in the joy and sense of community that music fosters through participation and performance, and they share that joy passionately and from many perspectives.   

Workshops Available

(Participants can pick one morning and one afternoon, except Coppers.)

Coppers' Workshop (takes both workshop slotsRick Wood, our clinician for the massed ringing, will lead a workshop practicing Crown of Thorns, Crown of Glory. This will be shared during our afternoon concert. You should purchase and look through the music before you come to Spring Ring. 

Handbell Techniques Are you unsure of exactly how to do a mart lift, or perhaps a bit self-conscious doing a gyro? Samantha Beschta will review basic and teach some more advanced bell ringing techniques.

Marking Your Music Carlene Ruesenberg will help you explore ways to make markings in your music that are consistent and concise so that you can easily remember from rehearsal to rehearsal what you are meant to do, and you can go beyond the notes and make music.

Ringing with Six (or fewer) What can you do without a full bell choir?  Plenty!  Come and let Jane Nolan help you with ideas.

4-in-Handing Trebles Do what with those bells?? Kristen Russo will show you the tricks and let you practice your own magic.

Difficult Time Signatures and Rhythms Larry Berdensey will help participants examine note values in simple and compound meters, changing time signatures, and the benefits of subdividing the beat in order to perform rhythms more accurately and successfully. We will examine and perform Fred Gramann’s, “Change Ring Prelude on ‘Divinum Mysterium’”.

Event Details


The $15.00 Participant fee covers building use charges, administrative costs, and clinician honorariums. If you have youth attending, one adult chaperone must accompany each 6 youth ringers (under 18) attending. Chaperones who are not ringing must register, but are not charged.


The massed-ring repertoire and the selection for the Coppers' workshop are listed on the left. In accordance with the Handbell Musicians of America guidelines, all music used must be original purchased copies. Check with your Director about purchasing copies. No photocopies will be allowed.

What to Bring:

All bell choirs attending must bring their own equipment: tables, foam, covers, music, music stands, bells, mallets and chimes as needed. Chairs will be provided. One person from each choir (director or coordinator) should provide information about table space needed, etc. Each Ringer should bring gloves and comfortable shoes. If your choir has a uniform or concert dress you are encouraged to wear it all day or for the performance.


Water will be provided. Please bring your own lunch and any snacks you would like. We are not allowed to use the school kitchen, so coffee and tea will not be provided.

Financial Assistance

Music Purchase Assistance  Shoreline Ringers will once again provide some scholarship funds to bell choirs needing help to cover the cost of music. Please contact Mobby Larson at ct.area1@handbellmusicians.org if you would like to apply. Consideration will be given especially to bell choirs attending for the first time.

First-time Attendees  Directors who are members of the Handbell Musicians of America in Area 1 and have never attended an Area 1 or National event may apply for the Bradford Scholarship for Directors. Similarly, any Choirs who are attending an Area 1 or National Event for the first time may apply for the Bradford Scholarship for Choirs.

All Others  A new scholarship has been initiated by Area 1 with the goal of providing financial assistance to those in need for full or partial event registration fees for any Area 1 sponsored event, subject to the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. Those wishing assistance are encouraged to download the Financial Scholarship Assistance application form and email the completed application to scholarship.area1@handbellmusicians.org.

This event is sponsored by Handbell Musicians of America, Inc. for the benefit of its members and member ringers. It is dedicated to uniting people through the musical art of handbell and handchime ringing. To join the Handbell Musicians of America, please visit http://handbellmusicians.org/membership/join-the-guild/.