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Friday, October 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM MDT
Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM MDT

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Glacier Juice & Wellness (Wellness Education Ctr) 
103 Ponderosa Lane
Kalispell, MT 59901

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Jeanette Cheney 
Wellness Education Center 
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Alumni Tune Up & Detox

Oct. 16-21, 2020

Juices Only?   Please Order on glacierjuice.com


Alumni 5-Day Detox

October 16-21, 2020

 Register at glacierjuice.com


$325 per person   *   Couples $600   *     On-Line classes/kit (no juices/food)  $150


Class Schedule:

  Friday:                     6:00-7:30 pm       Raw-Living Foods Potluck and Fast Intro

  Sat & Sun:               1:00-3:30 pm       Education

  Sat & Sun:               3:30-4:00 pm        Breathe, Stretch, Meditate with Jeanette

  Mon-Tue:                4:00-6:00 pm       Education & Refine 90 Day Plan

  Wed:                         4:00-6:00 pm      Living Foods Prep Class

Education Topics:

Evaluating Your Wellness                                    Daily Wellness Journal & Log

COVID 19: Building The Immune System       Power of Healthy Habits & Hydration

The Brain & Your Gut                                          EMF’s:  impact, measurement & mitigation    

Are you Toxic? Detox Info, Sleep                       Drug Free Detox:  Breaking Bad Habits

Mental Emotional Handouts                              The Cure Is: Emotions, Thoughts & Health

Nutrition: Eating & Food Prep Tips                  Fasting: Intermittent, 1-Day, Weekend etc.

Boosting the Immune System                            Jeanette's Favorite Resources

                    Class Fee Includes:

            1.   Raw Foods Potluck Friday & 5 classes (Sat-Wed)  - Updated Info & Videos!
            2.   Two 16 oz. Organic Veggie Juice daily
            3.   2 oz. Fresh Wheatgrass shot daily
            4.   Herbal teas & Dandy Blend
            5.   Living Foods Prep Class on Wednesday (foods to Break Fast on Thurs)
            6.   Extended Access to In-Class therapy equipment

            7.   5-Day Alumni Fast Kit
                  Probiotic 15-Ct Blister Pak          1 oz Liquidulse
                  Detox Fiber Baggie                       1 oz Liver Tonic
                  5.3 oz Magma                                30-Ct Enzymes
                  5 Detox Tea Bags                          5 Electromix
                  5 Calm Packets                           Veggie Broth Baggie                   

                  Liver Flush & Kidney Flush      32 oz Apple Juice