Saturday, November 18, 2023 from 9:00am to 4pm EST
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Daoist Traditions College 

Daoist Traditions College
Peter Shea


Skeletons in the Closet:

Healing Latency in the Bones, Blood and Marrow


with 7-day Recording Access

6 PDA's

NCCAOM approved, California approved


Pathogens that are not entirely resolved may get hidden away and reside in the body in a state of latency.  Latency ranges from viruses and bacteria to the skeletons in the closet that we want to bury and never look at, think about, or feel again.  Latency is a natural process the body uses to mitigate the damage caused by unresolved infections, illnesses, emotions, traumas, and familial issues. 

Pathogenic factors in latency may be symptom-free for a while but the wounds often fester causing problems later in life.  The body’s attempt to maintain latency may also be unsuccessful from the start resulting in immediate health challenges that can go chronic if left unaddressed.  Maintaining latency requires using the body’s resources.  When these resources are maxed out, we lose the ability to maintain latency. 

The deepest resources of the body- the bones, blood and marrow- are good places to bury these issues away.  This class will look at acupuncture strategies for treating latency in these deep levels using the 8x Vessels, the Divergent Channels and the Longitudinal Luo Vessels. 

 Peter Shea, L. Ac., is a practitioner of Chinese medicine. He is an instructor, a clinical supervisor and the Clinic Director at   Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in   Asheville, NC.  He has been a professional bodyworker for   over 20 years and a Licensed Acupuncturist since 2003.  He   teaches workshops on the 8 Extraordinary Vessels, Tui Na,   Qigong and the I-Ching. He is the author of “Alchemy of the   Extraordinary: a Journey into the Heart of the Meridian   Matrix,” published by Soul Pivot Press and available on their website or through amazon.com.   He lives outside of Asheville, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

* This course has been applied for 6 CEU's in Category 1 with the California Acupuncture Licensing Board, provider #0666.  Please email us at ceu@daoisttraditions.edu for an update on our application status or to request a CA certificate, as we make them individually. 

* NCCAOM provider #1278. This course has applied for 6 ceus in Category 1 with the California Acupuncture Board under provider number 0666.  

* 1 week access to course recording begins immediately after course concludes.  We are not able to respond to requests for extended access. 

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