Interpreting the Emotions With Classical Chinese Medicine 

Saturday and Sunday, January 13-14, 2024
9am - 4pm Eastern


Daoist Traditions College
382 Montford Ave, Asheville NC, 28801 

Intepreting the Emotions With Classical
Chinese Medicine

Elisabeth Rochat

de la Vallée

(Recording available for 1-week*)

12 PDA's 

(NCCAOM & California applied*)

Emotions are part of the human experience, affecting one's physiological as well as psychological health as they affect the normal interactions of the qi in a human being. Emotions can disorganize the flow of blood and qi, and they can disturb the functioning of organs at their very core.

This class will begin with the role of the heart and explore it as the place where spiritual, intellectual, mental, emotional aspects of life are unified and ruled. We will discuss how we comprehend emotions according to the Five phases or elements in Chinese medicine. Further, we will describe how each emotion may injure the organ it is related to as well as any of the other organs, and how several emotions can succeed one another or intermingle. The mechanism for the symptoms and pathologies attributable to emotional balances are then wholly exposed.

After a general presentation of the views of emotions in classical Chinese texts of philosophy and medicine, each of the emotions will be discussed in detail. Excerpts of the basic texts on emotions, directly translated from the classical books of medicine (Huangdi Neijing Suwen & Lingshu), will be reviewed. During the presentation, the Chinese characters for each of the emotions will be explained, providing a deeper understanding of them in Chinese thought. In addition, the class will discuss how we can comprehend emotions according to the Five phases or elements in Chinese medicine.

* NCCAOM provider #1278. This course has applied for 12 ceus in Category 1 with the California Acupuncture Board under provider number 0666.  

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Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée  studied philosopy, literature and classics at Paris University where she completed   her Master's degree in Classics and in Philosophy, and then in Chinese. 
In the early   1970's, Ms. Elisabeth Rochat embarked on her study of Chinese medicine, and   together with Dr. Schatz and Father Larre, began the first study group of the classical   medical texts in Paris. This lead to the founding of the European School of   Acupuncture in Paris in 1976. Ms. Rochat continues to teach worldwide, working with   both medical and philosophical Classics. She believes that the real knowledge of the Chinese vision of life is useful not only to understand Chinese medicine from a   scholarly point of view, but also to deepen one’s practical approach and clinical skill.