THE COMPLETE SERVICE & SELLING WORKOUT     For Independent Retailers and Managers of Front Line Staff 

The Complete Service and Selling Workout will help you:   

1.  Create a Service Culture

2.  Increase Customer                          Satisfaction

3.  Create Outstanding Customer        Service Experiences

4.  Build Lasting Rapport and              Loyalty

5.  Convert More Customers

6.  Close More Business

7.  Achieve Greater Sales 

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Nancy Beth Guptill

President & Executive Consultant 
Sweet Spot Academy

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The Complete Service and Selling Workout is designed specifically for Independent Retailers and Managers of Front Line Staff wanting a customized service and selling training solution for their sales team. 

In this full-day training program, we take the best techniques to create the perfect customer service and selling package for owners and managers wanting to rapidly up-skill and transform their sales team.  This customized skills training program, which is perfect for both new and existing sales team members, provides seven solutions for standout retail service and sellingYour sales team will gain access to new skills and tools that will help transform your sales so you achieve unprecedented levels of sales and service in your organization.

As part of this comprehensive retail service and sales solution, we include our employee and staff handbook, and our new employee induction program.  The purpose of the staff handbook and employee induction program is to communicate key company information including policies and procedures, set selling and service expectations, plan and structure learning, and provide coaching and feedback.  Our retail training employee handbook provides the tools to help you achieve this and more.

Sweet Spot Academy's Approach  

To produce and deliver an impactful training experience for your sales and service team, we will develop a customized training solution based on your service environment, customer types, staff skills and abilities, and overall learning needs. To ensure we design a training program that meets and exceeds your expectations, we will follow an approach that guarantees successful results. 


Our Five-Step Development Process



Our Workshop Methodology

Sweet Spot Academy’s training workshops are structured in sequential progression from core concepts to specific skills application. Customer service principles and theories are introduced with discussions and exercises to ensure participants understand and agree. This is followed with learning tools and exercises to help participants transfer the concepts into specific workplace behaviours. Our methodology includes:  

  • Core Presentation          • Group Exploration    • Self Discovery Activities                   • Practice Exercises                               • Game Based Learning    • Role Play                 • Best Practices Theory Exploration     • Case Studies


Interactive and Engaging   

Sweet Spot Academy workshops are highly interactive, entertaining and engaging.  We use a blend of learning techniques that focus heavily on learner interaction with hands-on activities and participant engagement.  We include self-discovery activities, group exploration, facilitator-led discussions, best practice theory exploration, role-plays, case studies, game-based learning and practice exercises to ensure all participants are engaged and gaining the most at each step.

  • All workshops include participant workbooks, training materials and supplies.



Services Included


Here is a snapshot of the services you will receive as part of this custom program:   

  • Customized Sales & Service Training Program - while there are core sales and service modules as part of this full day program, we customize the training to include sales and service topics you want to cover using case studies and workshop activities applicable to your sales environment.
  • Customer Service & Selling Workbook - each member of your sales team who attends the training receives their own workbook capturing all key skills and techniques. All training workbooks, materials, and supplies are customized to your store policies, incorporating your own service standards, and are co-branded.
  • Employee & Staff Handbook / New Employee Induction Program - we have created a templated employee and staff handbook which is customized to your sales and service environment. The handbook contains all the information team members need to know about your business and their role in it.  The handbook is already pre-populated, however it comes in a format that is easily customizable to your business. We have included key company policies and standards like: personal presentation, confidentiality, staff purchasing, health and safety, store security, cash handling and common work rules.
  • Service and Sales Assessment - the assessment will help you compare your current service delivery against benchmark standards of excellence  
  • Tools to help you Define your Service Vision and Service Standards
  • Sales Ideas Action Plans - to help you pinpoint strategies to increase sales for your team
  • Techniques - to help your team stay motivated and focused on meeting sales targets
  • Strategies - for up-selling, down-selling cross-selling and increasing ad-on sales
  • Techniques - for overcoming customer hesitation using indirect closing techniques


The core training modules include the following topics which includes tools, techniques and activities on how to:

  • Acknowledge and greet customers
  • Build rapport and engage with customers
  • Adapt to different customer shopping personalities
  • Rapidly acquire product knowledge and prepare simple, effective sales pitches
  • Ask the right questions to discover customer needs and wants
  • Run effective product demonstrations
  • Quickly and easily add-on and upsell, cross-sell and down-sell
  • Help customers overcome customer hesitation through simple closing techniques 

For More Information or to Book this Workshop Contact:

                                        Nancy Beth Guptill                                          President & Executive Consultant 

Sweet Spot Academy

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