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ZOOM VIDEO on any device with internet access . 




What You Get From Ken!

 LIVE Zoom sessions packed with 15+ Mind empowering tools and direct experience with our trademark in-depth and personalized training system, which we’ve perfected through nearly 5 decades of working with people from all walks of life.

Silva seminars with Ken are an intimate experience and are limited to the first 29 to register; so you are a VIP.

Many programs where you are just a face in a crowd of hundreds+ charge up to $2,000 extra for this up close VIP benefit.

This Training Experience with Ken is specifically designed to create a deep, lasting and extremely desirable inner transformation.

• Two complete student resource manuals detailing all the tools and techniques for your home review and support.

• A Lifetime of Tuition FREE Review Privileges for the Online and/or In Person Courses for a small nominal seat charge. This is a KEY added value benefit that’s unique to the Silva Method because repetition is necessary in order to create lasting change and new neural pathways.

Plus attending again and/or as often as you like, is like insurance to help you stay in a positive flow, deepen your understanding and take it to a whole new level.

Most personal development training charges you full price for this privilege. Silva offers you review for less than 10% of the initial one-time fee.

It is very common for Silva graduates from 10, 20 or even 40 years ago to come back for these refreshers.

Comparable programs charge as much as $1,000.00 or more to review.

ADDED BONUS: All new students will receive a complimentary ticket to participate in an IN-PERSON Live Immersion with Ken. Good for 1 year. 

• Bonus Complimentary 90 minute (mp3) coaching review and expansion session teleconference to make sure you clearly understand how to apply and best benefit from Silva.

• Plus a one hour and 7-minute video lesson giving you a complete review of both Life & Intuition System and applications to help you better integrate Silva skills into your life. 

• A Complimentary 30-minute personalized coaching session with Ken to help you customize your Silva skills into your lifestyle.                                                                             
 Eligibility to attend specialized Silva Advanced Graduate Support Programs and Workshops for your on-going education. These graduate programs are excellent for your continuing education.

• A Conditional Money Back Guarantee. Silva is not a “Quick Fix”.

It is a proven Mind and Brain Retraining Technology process that with as little as 5 to 15 minutes of daily application, we can guarantee your satisfaction.

All we ask is that you attend and complete the entire16 session program (in the same time period that you registered in) with Ken Coscia.

If upon completion of the entire program you are not satisfied, simply request a refund upon completio the last day of class.

More importantly, Silva works when you apply it.

You can count on Silva’s proprietary step by step process that millions of people just like you have benefited from. 

• Unlimited access to complimentary phone and/or email support. Priceless!

  • PLUS You Get Complimentary Access to Ken's mini-course THE LONG RELAX. Includes MP3 downloads of the complete cornerstone guided meditation and Alpha-Healing sound.

• A World Class Master Instructor – Ken Coscia. Silva International’s Training Director for instructors, the most experienced and lead instructor.   

Certified Instructor



The Silva Method of New England & Chicago


Ken Coscia, the International Training Director for all Silva Instructors, has facilitated transformation and coached over 200,000 people from all over the world in live training.

Ken is committed to The Silva Method and the mission of enriching the planet by empowering the individual. He has been teaching the work of Jose SILVA for over 50 years.

Ken is best known for helping his students discover and apply the practical skills to:

        • Naturally and easily increase productivity
        • lower medical costs by increasing health and resilience
        • get focused, naturally
        • shift mindset and improve mood
        • and use the natural intuitive ability to create solutions and get into “Flow”.

You will find Ken on stage with some of the industry greats as well as teaching Silva classes all over the world.

He is the lead instructor and teaches all of the core material, as well as specialty-advanced courses like the Silva Mastery Seminar™.

Ken is one of Silva’s most experienced instructors, having started AT THE AGE OF 19. He was handpicked by Jose Silva to serve on the elite Silva International staff.

Ken earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Managerial Psychology from Boston University.  

Ken, in fact, was on academic probation with a 1.81 (D) cumulative average at BU prior to Silva. He then, upon completing the four day Silva seminar in 1971, applied the tools learned in Silva and graduated Cum Laude (3.8 cum.).

Interestingly enough, Ken a daily Silva Dynamic Meditation practitioner also succeeded in eliminating his history of headaches with Silva tools.

He then went on to inspire his mother to attend the Silva 4 day program where she learned to eliminate both asthma and chronic arthritis.


  •                                                             The breakout rooms for practicing with almost all of the other students, was a priceless experience. It facilitated more privacy and allowed for a confidential cyber space to practice where Ken stopped by each room to facilitate.                                                               GREAT delivery method. Just be committed to give yourself a distraction-free space for your home retreat".  Angel S. from Texas
  • Ken, thank you so much for an amazing couple of days. This was the SEVENTH time I’ve repeated (8 total), and I have to tell you, I learned more this time than ever before. Your mastery of the content is truly remarkable. I had the pleasure of doing Immersion with Laura several years ago. But I took more notes this time than ever - because you provided insights I’ve never heard before. 
    Also, as I may have mentioned, I am a professional speaker and trainer. And what you are doing (virtually) is superhuman. Wow! Your energy and stamina are incredible. 40 hours in four days - on ZOOM - is astounding.             Keith Harmeyer - June 2021

Silva Method


Life & Intuition System



The "LIVE VIRTUAL"  of Life and Intuition System with Ken Coscia, the man Jose Silva handpicked out of hundreds worldwide to travel the world to train new instructors and offer advanced programs, Silva's Lead, and most experienced instructor - is an intimate experience that has very high IMPACT.

We now offer one of the most effective and powerful way for you to experience BOTH Silva Life System (day 1 & 2) & Intuition System (day 3 & 4) over four consecutive days – The Life and Intuition Immersion. 

It is by far the ideal format for you to accelerate your integration and development of the Silva Mind Technology. 

The 4-Day Immersion Experience with Ken is specifically designed to create a deep, lasting and extremely desirable inner transformation. 

You are one of up to 29 participants and therefore you are certain to receive any personalized attention by Ken that you desire and deserve.

You'll learn a proven framework to live more consciously to fulfill your potential, overcome financial, career and health challenges and enjoy a more harmonious life - especially during this challenging time.

NOTE: This is not the typical online pre-recorded course that you are left to work with on your own. Ken will be with you step-by-step to answer all your questions immediately and coach you live every step of the way. This is why the course size is held to only 29. (including some reviewers)

Ken will carefully guide you to develop the tools you'll need to help you Navigate These Times With Grace, Ease, And IN FLOW with Your Intuition.

You will during the training awaken your divine intuition, precognition, and advanced states of self-healing.

Ken will also offer you additional personalized support before, during and after the training in such a way as to help you to even more effectively integrate and get ADDED VALUE from your online experience.         



BOTH The Silva Life System & The Silva Intuition System do represent Jose Silva’s original researched time-tested and proven methodology with an emphasis on practical applications relevant to the times. We used to call it the Basic Lecture Series and have added some of Jose's advanced Tools.

Millions of Graduates in 55 years — Including Scientists, Doctors, Artists & Entrepreneurs — Have Used The Silva Method To Experience The Full Extent Of Their Intuitive Senses and Live a Life Beyond Ordinary.

The Silva Method has stood the test of time and continues to be a catalyst to inspire and give people the practical tools to truly Take Command Of Their Lives.

So many Thought Leaders have generously acknowledged the work of Jose Silva and the Silva Method as their starting point — Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, Wayne Dwyer, T. Harv Ecker, Bill Harris, Bob Proctor, Vishen Lakhiani — to name just a few.


The Silva Life System
(Part 1 - February 10, 11 - 9AM to 7PM each day)

Techniques teach you to master mind/body management to

  • overcome stress
  • sleep without the use of drugs
  • use dreams for problem-solving
  • manifest your goals
  • manage pain and discomfort
  • reach your ideal weight for maximum health
  • improve memory
  • make better grades in school – Accelerate learning
  • enjoy loving relationships
  • enhance your intuition for everyday problem solving and more!

The SLS helps you to develop the necessary foundation to take charge from the inside out and master the Mind-Body connection. If you are new to Silva, it is required to begin with. These vital tools are not taught in the 2-Day UltraMind Seminar let alone the condensed 12 hours of pre-recorded lessons by Mind Valley!



The Silva Intuition System (Part 2 -February 12, 13 -
9AM to 7PM each day)

  • will help you develop and trust your Intuition
  • inspiration
  • creative problem solving
  • living a purpose driven life
  • and spiritual development
  • as well as advanced manifestation tools.

The SIS is by far the heart and soul of the Silva Method.

A sample of typical comments from Ken’s participants.

"Since taken the course I’ve noticed a overall calmness as I go through each day.  I’m sleeping better and I’ve noticed my blood pressure is much lower.  I’m going through each exercise methodically and looking forward to what tomorrow brings.  

So far my favorite technique is the three finger technique.  I contribute this technique to keeping me relaxed throughout the day".
Patrick Smith - 9/3/20 Virtual Immersion graduate 


“I am deeply grateful that I choose to take the next step, from “listening” to Silva CD’s and webinars to joining you in a live seminar.  I did not realize how life-giving the experience would be!  Your style of delivery of the Silva material is masterful and easily assimilated. Your expertise in teaching the material meant the content was clearly understood. And countless ways in which to utilize it in my personal life experience received!                 


I appreciated that before attending you contacted not only me but each one of us to ensure that you knew what each person’s goals for attending were and then you adapted your content to meet our needs!  So wonderful!  Thank you!      


With deep appreciation for you Ken and to all those I had the honor of taking these courses with!  Thank you so much!  All the best!  Always!” ~ Susan F. Canada     

Take Command…It’s your Life After-all!!!

Stop settling for less. If you want to take command of your life and create a life that is filled with passion, achievement, and reward, the most effective solution is through self-improvement and personal growth.

This is a chance to focus solely on your personal growth and development, and a chance for you to learn how to become a stronger, more resourceful, more resilient and more powerful person.

Winners find a way and Ken Coscia can help you find yours at The Life & Intuition Experience.

Important Note:

Conditions Apply
• Registration is limited to the first 29 to register.
Convenient time payments can also be arranged with Barbara at 860 674-1009.

• Refresher fee is applicable only for Silva Graduates with a valid Silva ID and/or certificate of completion, of the same seminar you want to review.

* Privacy disclaimer: We ask for your phone # upon registration in case we need to contact you concerning the seminar.
* We respect your privacy and your information stays with us.
*  More information about our Terms of Use and cancellation policy.

Do me a favor?

PLEASE do not register yourself for this event unless you are absolutely 100% sure and committed you will attend ALL the sessions. See below for very strict no-show penalties. Zoom Replays will not be available.

What If I’m Unable To Attend

If you are unable to attend for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the program. Call the Silva Method of Connecticut office (860 674-1009) at least 7 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $75 fee will apply. Previously transferred  tickets are not eligible.

If you are unable to attend and do not wish to substitute, contact us. We will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable Immersion voucher which must be used within one year from your original Immersion event date. Some restrictions may apply.

The One-Time Investment

New Student Total $1500 

You get ALL the Bonuses like you get in an in-person live course PLUS More. The one-time investment fee is $1,297.00 for the first 29 to register. ONLY 3 places left.

I look forward to guiding you through this Game Changing Experience. So Let's Get Started!

P.S.1. BLS graduates who took the course prior to 2007 can register and enjoy the upgrade to Intuition System for $400.00 
(Your certificate or ID card necessary to verify).

P.S.2. REVIEWERS  - Graduates of Life & Intuition System can review for $100, as space allows. (Your certificate or ID card necessary to verify). Please call 860 674-1009 or email first to check availability and to get on the WAIT LIST.