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Wednesday November 28, 2012 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST

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3711 Market Street, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Driving Directions 

Welcome to the 4th Annual Canada-U.S.

eHealth Innovation Summit 

The eHealth Innovation Summit is part of a series of events sponsored by the Canadian Consulate General in Philadelphia to share Canada’s considerable, and exportable, experience in the field of health information technology and to accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions to improve health outcomes and lower costs.

With both government and private payers emphasizing quality, values, outcomes and cost reduction, this summit could potentially introduce you to technologies and solutions that may support your efforts achieve these goals, meet guideline requirements, compliance and maximize your reimbursement potential.  This is a close up and personal opportunity to hear about and review technologies, and dialogue with multiple leaders of health technology and innovation companies from Canada. 

The Canadian Consualte general is grateful for the assistance of our Advisory Board of local CIO's and healthcare leaders who help select the Canadian companies whose solutions most match the needs of local patients and providers. 

Please click on the link below to register for this groundbreaking event!



8.00 AM -9:00 AM: Registration and complementary breakfast

9:00 AM -9:15 AM: Welcome and introductions

9.15 AM -12:30 PM: COMPANY PRESENTATIONS - 10 MIinutes per company (details to follow)

12.30 PM-1:30 PM: Complimentary networking lunch

1;30 PM-5:00 PM: Speed dating sessions with companys

(sign-up sheet will be provided on the day)

Advisory Board Members

  • Scott Alcott, Director of Information Services, Hahnemann University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
  • Thompson H. Boyd, III, M.D., CPHIMS, Physician Liaison, Hahnemann University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
  • John Donnelly MBA, M.Sc, CPHIMS, CEO, JMS Healthcare Partners LLC, Newark, NJ,  New Jersey Health Care Innovation Center (NJ-HCIC)
  • Stefan Galloro, Heathcare and CE Lead, Rogers Communications Inc., Toronto, Ontario       
  • Dr. Brian Hannah, Director, Medical Information Systems, Aria Health System, Philadelphia, PA
  • Mark Jacobs, CIO, Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN), Dover, DE
  • John Kravitz, Associate VP Technology, Geisinger Health System, Danville, PA
  • Anthony R. Macaluso, VP, Enterprise Architecture, Barnabas Health - New Jersey Health Care Innovation Center (NJ-HCIC)
  • Martha Minniti, RN, BS, Product Development Consultant, Care Partners Plus, Horsham, PA
  • Alex Nason, Program Director of the Office of Telehealth and Interactive Learning, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore, MD
  • Tom Olenzak, Director of Innovation, Independence Blue Cross, Philadelphia, PA
  • Don Reed, Vice President & CIO, Crozer-Keystone Health System, Springfield, PA
  • Michael Regan, CIO and VP of Information Systems, Lower Bucks Hospital, Bristol, PA
  • Michael Restuccia, VP, CIO Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia, PA
  • Susan Salkowitz, MA, MGA, Health Information Systems Consultant Principal, Salkowitz Associates, LLC, Philadelphia, PA
  • Anita Somplasky, RN, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Regional Extension Centers, King of Prussia, PA
  • Dr. Aron Starosta, Managing Partner, EvoTx LLC, Philadelphia, PA
  • Tom Stride, CIO, Aria Health System, Philadelphia, PA
  • Karen Thomas, Senior VP and CIO, Main Line Health Organization, Berwyn, PA
  • Mark Wallin, CEO, eHealth Consultants, LLC, Malvern, PA
  • Brian Wells, Associate CIO of Health Technology and Academic Computing at Penn Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
  • George Wohlreich, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

The Canadian Consulate General would like to thanks the following sponsors:-

Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP

The Delaware Valley Healthcare Council

Greenberg Traurig LLP

Rogers Communications Inc

The University City Science Center

The Following Canadian Companies will be presenting at the eHealth Innovation Summit:-

Bedside Clinical Systems


The Bedside Paediatric Early Warning System ensures early intervention by accurately predicting the deteriorating condition of a sick child. Practitioner's are alerted up to 24 hours in advance avoiding code-blue incidents, ensuring the best possible care and reducing unneccessary costs.   



The Caristix HL7 software suite helps hospitals and health It vendors reduce interface deployment from months for work to a few days. With a focus on HL7 and data mining, Caristix software makes it simpler and faster for hospitals and vendors to deliver interfaces that support the flow of data in healthcare.

EDO Mobile Health


36 million people around the world live with Alzheimer’s or related dementia, and over 100 million people providing unpaid care to these individuals. MobiCare, a mobile platform for caregivers in the Alzheimer’s community helps coordinate caregiving responsibilities, assists in tracking subjective clinical symptoms, connects caregivers via community support networks, and provides individualized coping strategies based on data inputted by the caregiver. It is a secured and private environment for families that provides the necessary tools to help care for a loved one.



Built in collaboration with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), an alliance of 21 of the world’s leading cancer centers, Evinance has developed an evidence-based clinical practice guideline (CPG) platform that empowers guideline developers and ensures clinicians at the point of care have access to the most current and unbiased information available.The centralized repository allows guideline developers to work collaboratively and manage the entire lifecycle of a guideline, while integrated approval-routing ensures adherence to regulatory compliance and quality standards.

Input Health


Input Health empowers organisations to rapidly build and manage cross-platform , multi=purpose health apps which collect, track and interpret health data. We remove all technology barriers so that the our clients can focus on improving patient outcomes, increasing efficiency and translating engagement into cost-savings. Through an elegant control panel, our clients can build their mobile health apps without any programming skills whatsoever. The business model is based on deploying software as a service, and monetizing from the immense potential of collecting health data which produces analytics of interest to pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, market research organisations and government.

HandyMetrics Corporation       


HandyMetrics Corporation is focused on innovative hand hygiene auditing systems. Auditing of hand hygiene is a required organizational practice (ROP) in hospitals in the US, and is a requirement for accreditation by CMS, that administrates Medicate and Medicaid payments, as well as the other accrediting bodies in the US. Our hand hygiene auditing tools are currently being used in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.

 Mensante Corporation


Mensante Corporation has developed and deployed an online web-based mental health disease management application – www.feelingbetternow.com (FBN) that encompasses the continuum of mental healthcare, from self-assessment to treatment and follow-up. It provides the user with an anonymous interactive experience that generates evidence-based care maps for common mental disorders. These maps include recommendations for psychotherapy and medication management as appropriate. The individual can take the maps to their primary care physician to drive best practice prevention, diagnosis, treatment, continuing care and assessment of progress.



Memotext specializes in behavior-based adherence and medication complience solutions targeted to create sustained behavioral charge resulting in significate positive outcomes for patients and other healthcare stakeholders including pharmaceutical companies, payers and physicians.

NexJ Systems, Inc.      


The NexJ Connected Wellness Platform (CWP) provides people-centered software solutions that enable healthcare providers to effectively coordinate care and engage patients to promote healthy behaviors and improve outcomes. CWP is a patient-centric solution that allows a patient to have access to their health information and share that information and manage the interactions with their circle of care.  CWP enables provider and payer organizations with the fastest and most cost effective way to achieve patient-centered care.

Nightingale Informatix Corporation


Nightingale serves in excess of 3,000 physicians and allied health professional including primary care, and speciality outpatient clinics, as well as public health clinics. Nightingale is exclusively focused on providing products and services to physicians (general practitioners and specialists), allied health practitioners, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Our suite of products is broad and included clinical applications i.e., EMR, EHR, Patient Portal, operational applications i.e. Billing, Scheduling, Document Management, Workflow Management, ancillary products and services such as Dragon Dictate, Data Miner and Smartscribes for speech recognition. Nightingale On Demand is currently being used in 9 Provinces and 39 States

Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.        


Diabetic foot ulcers and amputations cost the U.S. health system an estimated $29 billion in 2007. Orpyx’s flagship product is the patented SurroSense Rx – a state-of-the-art pressure-sensing insole and wristband system designed to help prevent diabetic foot complications such as ulceration, infection and amputation. The SurroSense Rx collects pressure data from the foot through a specialized shoe insole, wirelessly sending that information to the user via an ergonomic wristband display.  The display alerts the user as to when pressure-induced damage is occurring so that behaviour can be changed and devastating complications avoided.

TelASK Technologies Inc.


TelASK uses interactive voice response (IVR) and secure email to follow-up on patient’s progress after hospital discharge or clinic visit. TelASK addresses patients by name, performs symptom screens, provides information and motivational messaging and if necessary “warm transfers” patients to third party clinicians for help. The algorithms deployed are proprietary and have all been developed in collaboration with leading medical investigators. The outcomes of all interactions with patients are available to managers on web based dashboards in real time and all systems provide a variety of useful reports.