Tuesday November 19, 2013 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST
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University City Science Center 
3711 Market Street, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Vincent Finn 

5th Annual eHealth Innovation Summit 

Please join us for Canada's 5th eHealth Innovation Summit featuring the Canadian Technology Accelerator Class of 2013! Breakfast and lunch will be served!

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The Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) for Health IT at the University City Science Center provides Canadian entrepreneurs with a opportunity to commercialize their products and services in the U.S. market and beyond in collaboration with US-based healthcare partners. CTA companies are focused on patient-centered solutions utilizing Health Information Technology, mobile communication devices and/or telemedicine to improve clinical processes, patient compliance and improve health and wellness. CTA companies take part in a three month program twice a year (May and September), open to up to six start-up companies in each cycle. This year’s companies include:-

BEDSIDE CLINICAL SYSTEMS INC - Bedside Paediatrics accurately predicts the deteriorating condition of a sick child and allows the healthcare provider to detect and avert a code-blue incident between 1-12 hours in advance. Early identification and intervention ensures the best possible outcome for the child patient.  More information from www.bedsideclinical.com

 CARISTIX - Transforms data flow and interoperability for hospitals.More information from www.caristix.com

 HANDYMETRICS CORPORATION - We have an app, created by a group of experts that gives hospitals actionable evidence on hand washing in order to reduce infections and increase profits. More information from www.handymetrics.com

 HOSPITALIS - The Electronic Clinical Assistant (ECA) optimizes information continuity across all providers of the continuum of care which results of better care, better health at better cost. More information from www.hospitalis.com

 IMPETUS HEALTHCARE - designs, hosts and manages privately branded, password protected online healthcare communities that allow for sharing and collaboration anywhere, anytime. More information from www.impedushealthcare.com

 INFONAUT - Real-time clinical information that identifies hospital risk exposure, tracks the spread of disease preventing and controlling infections. More information from www.infonaut.ca

 INTERFACEWARE INC - IGUANA helps hospitals double the number of patient visits with their existing resources, applications and equipment. More information from www.interfaceware.com

 MEMOTEXT - Evidence based personalization of patient compliance interventions that integrates education, behavior modification, support and care into the everyday lives of patients. More information from www.memotext.com

 METRICAID INC - Reduce patient wait times, increase throughput and increase revenues for both physicians and hospitals. More information from www.metricaid.com

 PHEMI HEALTH SYSTEMS INC - PHEMI Clinical works with existing hospital EMRs, databases, and information systems to streamline care pathways and recommend medical best practices to make sure the right information is available at the right time. PHEMI Research is a Big Data repository of patient information which can store a wide variety of patient data from ultrasounds to echocardiograms, to blood work lab results, to genomic information, to population health data in a single data repository free from any schema limitations. More information from www.phemi.com

 PULSEINFO FRAME - Database-driven informatics for disease management and clinical workflow improvement. More information from www.pulseinfoframe.com

 SENSORY TECH - Sensory Tech is a provider of highly disruptive web and mobile telemedicine solutions offering in-home Hospice Care services to high-acuity residents while reducing the demand on hospitals, increasing both the quality and quantity of care, and allowing patients, by choice, to die with dignity in their own homes.  More information from www.sensorytech.ca