Friday May 15, 2015 from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM PDT
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John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence 
2445 Third Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98134

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Sarah Pelosi 
Child Care Resources 

Exploring HighScope:

Who, What, When & Why

Keynote Presentation with Dr. Debra Sullivan, HighScope for Life. Dr. Debra Sullivan is the former president of the Praxis Institute for Early Childhood Education – a racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse college that provides graduate and undergraduate education and professional development for people who work with young children. Prior to beginning the Praxis Institute, she served six years as the dean at Pacific Oaks College Northwest. Dr. Sullivan has worked in higher education for over twenty-five years as a teacher, researcher, curriculum developer, and administrator; sharing her expertise in education leadership, cultural relevancy and school readiness. She earned her doctorate in educational leadership and her master's degree in curriculum and instruction from Seattle University. Currently, Dr. Sullivan is the Director of Applied Behavioral Science at Seattle Central Community College and serves as the President of the Black Child Development Institute (BCDI). 

Morning Workshops Selections:  

  • Boom and Zoom! Supporting African American Boys in the Preschool Classroom. Supporting the unique needs of boys in the preschool classroom can sometimes pose challenges. Come join us as we learn how an African American male in the HighScope Demonstration Preschool Classroom uses the ingredients of active learning to meet the needs of the boys in the classroom. Presented by Kenneth Sherman, Early Childhood Specialist at the HighScope Foundation.
  • Narrowing the Word Gap: Promoting Conversation in the Classroom. In this session, participants will discuss the disparity in children's language acquisition based on their socioeconomic status. Participants will watch video clips to identify teaching strategies that support language development, and through role play, practice different conversation techniques that encourage child talk. Presented  by  Suzanne Gainsley, Senior Early Chidlhood Specialist at the HighScope Foundation.
  • Moving Past Praise. Participants will explore and understand the many drawbacks of praising children and the benefits of encouragement. They will be armed with several effective strategies that will help them move past praise and begin to implement encouragement in the calssroom. Presented by Janice Hill, Certified Trainer and Field Consultant with the HighScope Foundation.
  • HighScope Daily Routine. All quality early childhood programs have a schedule to guide their day. In this workshop we will share information about unique components of the HighScope Daily Routine and explain the benefits children receive when they are supported in making choices and pursuing their interests. Participants will practice support strategies and create a plan for taking workshop content back to their classrooms. Presented by Polly Schmitt and Virginia Pena, Certified HighScope Trainers.

Afternoon Workshops Selections:

  • "What’s Your Idea for Solving the Problem?” Involving Children in the Conflict Resolution Process. In this session, participants will examine their own feelings and ways of dealing with conflicts and learn the benefits of involving children in the process of resolving conflicts. In small groups they will practice supportive strategies that assist children in resolving conflicts with other children. Teachers will then develop an implementation plan they can use to apply these strategies with their children. When used consistently teachers will observe children begin to see themselves as successful "problem-solvers." Presented by  Kenneth Sherman, Early Childhood Specialist at the HighScope Foundation.
  • Using Opening Statements at Small-Group Time to Focus Learning:  One of the key components of well-planned small-group times is an introductory statement that introduces small-group materials and curriculum content while still inviting child initiative and choice. Opening statements help teachers approach small-group time with specific goals in mind for children’s development and learning. In this hands-on workshop, participants will use sample opening statements to introduce small-group time materials with a focus on specific curriculum concepts. Participants will also work together to create opening statements geared toward the goals of their own classrooms. Presented by Suzanne Gainsley, Senior Early Childhood Specialist at the HighScope Foundation.
  • Making Planning and Recall Engaging for Children. In this session, participants will explore planning and recall strategies to implement in their classroom. Participants will leave with a pocket full of strategies/recall ideas for a wide range of children while still ensuring that all children are actively engaged. Presented by Janice Hill, Certified Trainer and Field Consultant with the HighScope Foundation.
  • You Want Me to Teach Math?!?! What kind of attitude do you have towards math? Do you believe that math is a hard topic? How you answer these questions indicates how you may be influencing a child's attitude towards math and how she/he approaches learning math. Come to this workshop and participate in fun & exciting math activities and projects that are designed for you to have fun with children, while developing and reinforcing mathematical skills in a HighScope classroom!  Presented by Kimberly Early and Saulai Chan, Certified HighScope Trainers.