COVID-19 Conversations 

1.5 STARS Hours Each    


Thank you so much for your interest in the COVID Conversation trainings!  Child Care Resources staff is excited to offer these important conversations to child care providers. 

Registration for these online trainings have now been moved to our website. Click the link below to see the current listings.

In response to the needs of child care providers, families, and children during this pandemic and challenging time, Child Care Resources will be offering a variety of live online conversations on topics related to COVID-19.

For us to discuss the topic in a meaningful way, spaces for these trainings are limited.  Participants are asked to attend only one time slot per topic.  The live online conversations will take place through Zoom video calling.  You do not have to have a Zoom license or Zoom account to participate.  These live online conversations can be accessed online or by phone.  Online viewing is recommended.


Professional Development Team
Child Care Resources