Stephen Guine, (661) 202-7481,
Nazanin Sharifi, (717) 395-5026,

November 12, 2019, 5:15-7:30 pm PT

INCOSE-LA November 12 Speaker Meeting
Human Systems Engineering
with John O. Clark
INCOSE, CAB, or Academic Council Members/Students Only

ABSTRACT:  How do we systems engineer humans? How do we engineer systems that include humans? Do all systems include humans? If so, which humans, how are they included in a system, and how do we perform systems engineering on them? Are they elements of the system like hardware and software are? Do we have hardware, software, and humanware? (Yes, you heard it here first folks, humanware!). Are there any systems that do not include humans in any way whatsoever? This presentation discusses these questions from the SE Standards and INCOSE SE Handbook perspectives, going back to their earlier versions and coming up to date, including the two most recent approaches. At the end of this presentation we ask you to answer the question: Which of the two most recent approaches do you consider to be the optimum and for what reasons?  

BIOGRAPHY:  John O. Clark was the Corporate Systems Engineering Instructor and a Chief Engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) with over 50 years of experience applying Systems Engineering and Software Engineering. He is an internationally recognized Subject Matter Expert in SE. For INCOSE, John is the Training Working Group (WG) founder and co-chair, Process Improvement WG co-chair, SE Handbook and SE Fundamentals tutorial developer and instructor, Certified SE Professional (CSEP) course developer and instructor, and is a CSEP. He received the coveted INCOSE Outstanding Service Award and was selected to the INCOSE Hall of Leaders at the INCOSE International Symposium in 2010 “For promoting the INCOSE Certification program through leadership in the development and ongoing delivery of the INCOSE SE Handbook Tutorial.” John received the INCOSE Technical Operations Award at the INCOSE International Workshop in 2014 “For the development, delivery, and management of the portfolio of INCOSE webinars, tutorials, and presentations in collaboration with Chapters and other Working Groups.” For NGC, he was the Corporate SE instructor, SE Associates (SEA) instructor, and the founder of the INCOSE Community of Practice (CoP), Agile SE CoP, and NGC SE Handbook WG. John received the NGC Exemplary Performance Award for Multi-Sector Collaboration from NGC President Wes Bush and Vice President John Chino for developing the NGC SE Handbook. He received a BSEE from Penn State and an MSEE from the State University of New York, and currently is an adjunct instructor for the ENMA 690 Capstone Project course and the ENMA 695 Preparation for SE Certification course in the SE Master’s Degree program at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. 

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      5:30-6:00  Networking-Introductions* / RefreshmentS
      6:10-6:15    Introduction
      6:15-6:30   WG Presentation (TBD)
      6:30-7:30   Guest Speaker Presentation and Q&A
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WHERE:  Building S Cafe, Northrop Grumman Corporation
                      1 Space Park Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Hosts: Stephen Guine, (661)
             Nazanin Sharifi, (717) 395-5026,

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