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Zana Gordon 
Fenestration Association of BC 

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Designing with Structural Laminated Glass Interlayers
1050 am - 1150 am

  • Learn about the benefits and history of laminated glass
  • Identify the added benefits of ionoplast interlayers, including daylighting
  • Identify building code requirements for various glass applications
  • Learn how software design tools address laminated glass strength & deflection
  • Learn about the latest developments and performance benefits of structural interlayers

Mark Jacobson (Kuraray America Inc) Market Manager, North America

Lunch Break and Code Talkers

11:50 - 12:45 pm

Enjoy your lunch from the comfort of your desk and listen to the FENBC Code Talkers.

Discussion will include:

  • Acoustics and Energy Efficiency - how can they agree
  • More to come

Panel will include:

Dave Goldsmith (Cornerstone) - Moderator
More TBC

Process to Certify to Passive House Standards
12:50 - 1:50

More to come


Chris Petit- Technical Services, Passive House Canada

Decontaminating Glass Surfaces
2:00 - 2:45

More to follow

Mike Hammond, Manager, Technical Support - Vitro Architectural Glass

How to Uncover the Truth About ERP Before you Buy
2:55 - 3:55 pm

Over the past 40 years, Andy Pratico, has worked with thousands of manufacturers and many in the Fenestration industry.

He has seen many implementation success stories, but sadly even more failures. The Customer satisfaction percentage for ERP is at an all-time low; when it does not need to be. To help, Andy conducts workshops on how to uncover the truth about ERPs so Fenestration manufacturers can make their own informed decisions. Andy takes you through it all, leaving you fully armed, knowledgeable and prepared to take the next step toward success.

When we are evaluating ERP systems, uncovering the truth is all we are trying to do. If you can uncover the truth, knowing which system is best should be easy.

Andy Practico, Business Improvement Advisory