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Weldcoa's Precision Specialty Gas Product Facility 
338 East Sullivan Road
Aurora, IL 60505

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Melissa Heard 

Specialty Gas Training Course, Level 1 (Basic)

2017 Spring Session

Get Certified in Specialty Gas Filling at Precision University, a completely functioning centralized specialty gas filling facility with analytical equipment for quality training and education. Precision University develops skill sets in specialty gas filling through both classroom and hands-on instruction. The programs focus on all aspects of specialty gas filling and testing. Basic and advanced seminars are available. Participants in the programs can receive certification in Specialty Gas Mixing and Gas Chromatography.

Precision University is a service provided by Precision Specialty Gas Products, a Weldcoa Company, in partnership with AsteRisk. AsteRisk’s President Tom Badstubner is well known in the industry as an expert in Specialty Gases and is GAWDA's FDA Food and Medical Gases and Specialty Gases Consultant.

The University’s focus is to certify participants in complete specialty gas filling using the 18,500 square foot facility in Aurora. The facility boasts a completely functioning specialty gas filling facility complete with analytical equipment.


Level 1 (Basic) Curriculum Offerings

Gravimetric Mixture Filling Course - Level 1 (Basic)

This course is designed for specialty gas mixture personnel who need the basics of making Specialty Gas mixtures. Prior lab experience is helpful but not required. This is a 3-day lecture with hands-on lab exercises.

Topics include:

  • Mixture calculations: manual and automated methods
  • Cylinder selection: CGA connections, materials, test dates, etc.
  • Pre-fill inspection: DOT requirements, cylinder damage, safety considerations, etc.
  • Cylinder preparation: general and special requirements for certain gases
  • Safety precautions: OSHA, DOT and FDA issues
  • Partial pressure fill techniques: pressure/temperature, confirmation, and compressibility adjustments
  • Gravimetric fill techniques: mother mixes, base mixes, sample bombs/loops for PPM mixes
  • Post fill procedures
  • Mixture vs. analytical ranges
  • Analytical accuracy vs. precision
  • Scale calibration
  • Low PPM mixture techniques
  • Purity considerations for critical mixtures

What is not covered: This course does not cover fuel/oxidizer mixtures, toxic/corrosive mixtures or EPA protocol mixtures. Please contact Weldcoa for additional information and schedules for these advanced application.


Gas Chromatography Course - Level 1 (Basic)

This course is designed for personnel who need to use a gas chromatograph. Prior lab experience is helpful but not required. This is a 3-day lecture with hands-on lab exercises.

Topics include:

  • Why and how GCS work
  • GC components: gas systems, sample valves, columns, detectors, electronics, etc.
  • Column selection: when to use molecular sieve, poropak, CTR, hayesep, etc.
  • Integrators: operation, programming and maintenance
  • Detectors: thermal conductivity, discharge ionization, flame ionization
  • Difficult analyses: argon in oxygen, hydrogen in helium, low ppm, etc.
  • Carrier gas options and precautions: argon, hydrogen, etc.
  • Chromatogram interpretation
  • GC parameters and their effects: column temperature/flow, detector current/temperature, sample loop size/pressure
  • Analytical tips & techniques, such as:
    • Making in-house chromatographic grade helium for GCS
    • How to avoid costly detector replacement
    • Reliable limits of detection
    • Methods to minimize instrument downtime       
    • How to save over $500.00/year on each GC