Saturday February 2, 2013 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST

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SFWA University Classroom - downtown Knoxville 

501 Clinch Avenue - Althea Building
Second Floor
Knoxville, TN 37902


Frontier Firearms in Kingston, TN

Register Now!                       $129.00 SFWA Guests      

                       $98.00 SFWA Members/ Students

   $ 50 Friend -each registrant may bring ONE friend for only $50!

$10 for Male Observers



Susan and Rob Rexrode
Shooting for Women Alliance 



SFWA University presents . . .  

What Women Want

Before you decide what handgun you want to carry, discover what women want in a carry firearm with participation in this hands-on experience, shooting both revolvers and semi-automatics of different types and calibers suitable for carrying for personal protection.

The selection of a firearm that you will rely on for personal protection of yourself or a loved one is extremely personal. This course helps you determine the proper "fit" for your hand size, strength, capabilities, and personal situation. It is NOT about pink! (Participants receive a $Money$ savings coupon toward the purchase of a handgun.)

Once you select the firearm that "is just for you", different options for carrying the handgun in a holster or carry purse are demonstrated. Determining the best and safest manner to carry the firearm under different circumstances is essential to having the firearm ready when you need it but comfortably hidden otherwise. Try them on for size and style—then purchase one at a discount if you like!

This course is designed to help women make a very personal decision as to what firearm they will rely on in the event they ever need to use deadly force to protect themselves or a loved one, how they will carry it, and what ammunition they will use.

Everything is provided in this course. You may bring your own handgun(s) if you want a comparison to the other options presented. Course instruction, range time, targets, ammunition, and use of firearms is included. (Classroom and Range)

Cost:              $129.00 SFWA Guests        $98.00 SFWA Members  

$ 50 bring one friend per registration     $10 Men may come and observe

(Classroom and range)