This course is scheduled for:

October 16-17, 2018

8:30- 5:00 pm EST

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CPIC & The Annual IT Budget & Management Report Training- 2 Days 

 2  Days of Capital Planning & Investment Control Training.

Eligible for 16 Continuous Learning Points for completing the course and the survey.

This course will sell out. Seats are sold on a first come, first serve, first paid basis.  

$1495 per person: Tuition covers 2 days of education, mandatory survey / course completion to be eligible for 16 hour CLP Certificate for continuing professional education credit. Tuition also includes courseware, online access to reading materials and handouts as updates are available and a 1-year CPIC Forum membership.

Introduction to Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC) and The Annual Information Technology Budget & Management Report (AITBMR)

Formerly Exhibit 300 training

One or more Capital Planning Professional Certified Instructors will be teaching this course:

  • Janelle Moore, Invited


One or more CPP-I certified CPIC Instructors will be provided for this course.

Course Modules

 Day 1

Morning (Module 1 or Modules 2-4 – Instructor Discretion)

Module 1 - Report Review

  • Summary of Changes
  • Consolidated Form Examples

*An instructor may touch on Module 1 briefly or move Module 1 until the second day of class to do the full review of the business case, guidance and current report based upon their assessment of the level of existing knowledge of the students within the course.

 Module 2 - CPIC an Introduction

  • Capital Planning and Investment Control Defined
  • OMB Circular A-11 – Capital Planning Guide
  • OMB Circular A-130 – Management of Federal Information Resources
  • Capital Assets and their Definition
  • OMB Exhibit 300 (The Budget Report/ Business Case) an Overview
  • The Intersection between the Budget Process and CPIC

 Module 3 - Budget Formulation 101

  • Basic Budget Principles
  • Federal Budgeting
  • Congressional Budget Office
  • Senate Appropriations Sub-Committees
  • The President’s Budget Priorities

 Module 4 - CPIC and Investment Management

  • CPIC & Investment Management Special Terms
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Earned Value
  • Risk Management
  • Executive Orders
  • How Agencies Manage Capital Assets
  • Lessons Learned

(Lunch on your own)

Day 1, Afternoon

Module 5 - CPIC Laws; Policies; and Guidance

  • GAO and OMB Relationship
  • Federal Chief Information Officer
  • CPIC Background Information
  • Federal Budget Process
  • Government Performance and Results Act
  • Questions from the Executive Branch

Module 6 - CPIC Reporting Requirements; Roles & Responsibilities

  • CPIC Roles
  • CPIC Offices
  • CPIC Activities
  • Integrated Project Teams

Module 7 - Understanding the CPIC Lifecycle

  • Selecting, Managing, and Evaluating an Investment
  • Lifecycle comparisons
  • Development Modernization, and Enhancement
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Operational Analysis
  • Earned Value Management
  • Risk Management

(Courses may have 1 or more Guest Speakers as time and subjects permit).

Guest Speaker (to be announced)

Day 2


Guest Speaker (to be announced)

Module 8 - CPIC Basics (An Overview)

  • Capital Planning and Investment Control Definition
  • CPIC Legislation and Documentation
  • A review of the A-11, Part 7
  • Defining CPIC Authority

Module 9 - How will OMB use the Business Case

  • The Major Investment Business Case
  •  Examples of Driving Legislation and Documentation
  •  Examples of Driving Documents
  •  Artifact Audits

Lunch (on your own)

Day 2: Afternoon

Guidance & Report / Form Review or other Modules

(Courses may have 1 or more Guest Speakers as time and subjects permit).