MY Tuition Assistance Application 


Emily James 
Mid-Columbia Mastersingers 

The Mastersingers Youth (MY) Choirs are committed to accessibility, and offer an established, need-based financial aid program. We believe that any child who wants to sing with one of our Youth Choirs should have the opportunity to do so. To help make this possible, we provide tuition assistance for students in need. Complete this form to apply.

MY choir programming consists of two 4-month sessions each year:
  • Fall Session - September to December
  • Spring Session - February to May
All participants can choose to register for one session or both.

Tuition Assistance Guidelines

  • Tuition assistance is based on family’s level of need and on our available funds. It is established on an honor system. Please provide an accurate representation of your level of need for assistance, so that we can help more students participate in MY activities.

  • The Board of Directors approves the Tuition Assistance budget and reviews applications for assistance. Each application is handled confidentially; neither the names nor the amounts of specific awards are shared publicly in any way.

  • Tuition assistance does not cover registration fees ($30/family) or uniform fees ($25/student). Any family that is unable to pay these fees should contact Mastersingers Youth administrators to request additional assistance. Each family should also attempt to provide a portion of the tuition cost if possible. This self-designated amount may be paid either monthly throughout the session(s) OR in full at the beginning of the session(s). Tuition costs are regularly $160/session or $300 for a full year.

  • Choristers receiving tuition assistance MUST participate in all ticketed performances and dress rehearsals throughout the season. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of tuition assistance for the remainder of the season, and/or ineligibility for future tuition assistance.

  • Please contact the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers office if your financial situation changes during the session or year for which you are receiving assistance. You may reach us by phone at 509-460-1766 or by email at

To Apply for Tuition Assistance, please read the above Guidelines, then click "Apply Now!" below.