Thursday, December 9, 2021 from 5:00PM to 6:30PM MST
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Barnum Recreation Center

360 Hooker St, Denver, CO 80219


Courtney Bernet
Denver Emergency Management


2022 Denver Hazard Mitigation Plan

Draft Plan Review  

Worried about the threats and hazards that can affect Denver? Join us for an IN-PERSON public meeting to have a say in how Denver addresses disasters. We will be reviewing the draft Hazard Mitigation Plan and collecting your feedback! The meeting will be accessible in both english and spanish. 


  1. Introductions
  2. Hazard mitigation planning overview
  3. Public survey results
  4. Structure of the 2022 Denver Hazard Mitigation Plan
  5. Review of key plan components
  6. Next steps
  7. Questions and discussion



Background: The City and County of Denver is updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan per the five-year update cycle required by Federal law. This plan helps us take stock of our “community profile” (such as people, infrastructure, and environment), analyze what threats and hazards could affect our community, and determine how often and to what extent those hazards can impact Denver. We will then identify goals, strategies, and actions to “mitigate,” or reduce the potential impacts of those hazards, with the ultimate goal of preventing or minimizing loss of life, property damage, and harm to the environment caused by disasters.

Can't make it in person? Check out our virtual meeting on December 14.