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Uplifting Connections 


Thursday April 25, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM EDT

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Uplifting Connections 
1355 Pleasant St. (Route 104)
Bridgewater, MA 02324

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Uplifting Connections


Blending Two Worlds
with Spirit Medium Jackie Waitkus

 In this intimate gathering Spirit Medium Jackie Waitkus will connect with your loved ones in the world of Spirit. Come and enjoy an  interactive evening with those on the other side, as Jackie blends the physical world with the world of Spirit. Always an inspiring and enlightening event!

Always sells out.  Intimate gathering of 18. Come and connect with those on the other side in this relaxed and comfortable setting.

While Jackie can not guarantee that everyone will receive a message, every effort is made to get to as many communicating Spirits as possible. 

- I have had the pleasure of knowing Jackie for several years now and am so happy to have been able to reconnect to a spirit I was very close to in this life. I am always amazed at the accuracy of the information Jackie relays to me from this spirit. Jackie is such a warm and wonderful person, and truly cares about helping people. I am always so relaxed after a session with Jackie. She is truly gifted! 

Registration is ONLY available by calling Uplifting. If you click on theEvent Link from your smart phone, it will take you to a page that says "Registration Closed". This is because registration is not open online. To register, please call 508.697.2334. Thank you! 

Preregistration required.  Space limited to 18 per event. Register by calling Uplifting at 508.697.2334.

Fee: $50

Jackie Waitkus In Her Own Words:

I can’t remember a time that the spirit world has not been a part of my life. From a very young age I have been visited by those who have passed on. As a young child It was a natural and normal occurrence. I looked forward to and enjoyed my visits with my other worldly friends. While my mother called them “imaginary”, I knew that they were real people. What I found puzzling was the fact that I was the only one who could see, hear, and sense them. If my mother wanted to call them imaginary, so be it. I was allowed to enjoy my “Imaginary” friends, so I continued my almost daily visits with them. This continued until about the age of ten.

Jackie Lopez

At this time, I began to realize that my friends (in the physical body) never seemed to mention having any of these experiences. I started to feel different. Even though my spirit friends came to me and asked me not to be afraid, this is exactly what happened. I was beginning to get scared. I started to have trouble sleeping at night. I needed the lights on in order to fall asleep, and the covers pulled up tight covering my ears (I didn’t want to hear anybody talking to me). I started to imagine a force field of light surrounding me, covering me like a dome. This helped me feel safe. I now realize that what I was doing instinctively as a child, is a practice that is commonly used as a form of protection by many in the holistic field (mediums, healers, bodyworkers, etc.).

Years later as an adult, I was formally introduced to this practice of surrounding oneself with white light. This I was told, was used to protect one’s energy field. I remember sitting in a development circle recalling my childhood. I remembered how I used to practice the same thing instinctively at the age of ten. Wow I thought, as I began to realize just how close “my people” (spirit teachers) have always been to me. I was just starting to make REAL sense of it all.

Everything started coming together. The visitations as a child, my fear of these strange but wonderful experiences, and the spontaneous inspirational/automatic writing which began in my early teen years. At the age twenty five, I became aware of my calling. I have been in touch with the world of spirit consciously since birth. I am a spirit messenger, a medium. I am a bridge between this physical world and the world of spirit.

I have had the honor and privilege over the years to have trained with some of the best mediums from the US and the UK, and I will continue to train, for the more you learn, the less you know. We are all students here upon this earth. I do this work, because I love to be of service. I do this work, because it is such an important part of my being. It is my being, and I wish to share it with the world.