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Kerry George 
The Calgary Business Network 

"We took part in this MasterMind Series to test it out and see if it would indeed make a difference in our CIBN business. If it didn't work for us, we did not want to promote it to others. We have found that it helped us solidify our core values, identify our key performance indicators, measure our successes and plan for the future. The Manifast tool is now a critical piece for our growth and we now are very excited as we are preparing to launch into a new year with the expectatios to triple the size of our business and prepare for a franchise model. This course alone is more than worth the cost of a MasterMind Membership!" - Kerry George



Manifast Your Business Strategies

People who write down their goals earn 9 times as much wealth over their lifetimes; yet less than 4% actually do so. Yet, the problem with most business plans is the owner spends a lot of time building it only to see it collect dust on the shelf.

The key is learning to do it right.

In this Mastermind you will learn how to do just the right amount of planning for your business and focus your efforts on getting results. Topics covered will include:

  • Purpose, Passion and Growth – Building a Solid Core
  • Setting Goals and Getting Results
  • Selecting the Perfect Team – Your People Pipeline
  • Doing the Right Things Right – Working on your Business
  • Creating Value and Scaling Your Impact
  • Your Most Important Work – Everything Else is Wasting Time

This Mastermind is for businesses owners who are serious about getting the most from your business and getting your team engaged in helping you get there. Ideal for:

  • Existing businesses that have hit a wall and really want to kick start growth again,
  • Businesses already on a fast growth path,
  • A starting business that wants to build a solid foundation for growth, and
  • A mature business where the owner would like to transition to a less active role.

Sessions may include but are not limited to coaching, brainstorming, barn-raising, hot seat opportunities, and growth possibilities. We are looking for only 8 companies to participate and the individuals attending should be willing to be fully engaged and committed to the process for the full 90 days running weekly on Wednesday evenings for 90 minutes.





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There will only be a maximum of 8 companies participating in this MasterMind Series. This makes for a very busy, active group of people working with one coach who is facilitating the program.

Each company represented may have up to three people in attendance. It is wise to go through this process with at least two individuals from each business so that more than one person is learning the applications and implementing the whole program.

This is being offered for $500/company, however it is already covered in the annual MasterMind Membership for those MM members of CIBN or the CBN who wish to participate, as well as for Sponsors of the Network who hold a MasterMind Membership. If you do not already have a MasterMind Membership and you would like one, please call Zechariah James 403-370-4472.

There is $3,857 worth of coaching, programming and material supplied to those attending for the 90 days.