Lights-Out Product Development Automation at Intel Corporation 


Do manual processes reduce the reliability of your products? Does it take your team longer than you'd like to develop or even assess new designs? Do compressed schedules and budgets ever lead to suboptimal designs? Our guest speaker, Mr. Michael Eckblad from Intel Corporation, will address breakthrough advances in "Lights-Out" Product Development Automation through the use of customized, web-enabled applications.

"Lights-Out Automation" is a manufacturing term used to describe when facilities are so automated that no humans are required in-the-loop (i.e. no lights are needed). This webinar will show how simple-to-use solution-specific web applications that embed your experts knowledge into the application itself, automate the design process and enables the safe deployment of complex designs and simulations to anyone who needs it (e.g. Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc.). 

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Mr. Michael Eckblad, a Senior CAE Engineer at Intel Corporation, is leading efforts to standardize simulation processes and capture Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) expertise in templates that can be used by non-experts. Mr. Eckbland will showcase two structural analysis examples, one of a highly complex nonlinear shock analysis of a "socket stack" on a system motherboard and the other is a relatively simple statics analysis of a leaf spring.

The figure below shows an example leaf spring analysis from an Expert View (left-hand-side) and Non-Expert View (right-hand-side), respectively. The Expert View shows a typical fringe plot post processing environment from a popular structural analysis software (Abaqus) that an expert analyst might use to assess design pass-fail. The Non-Expert View shows a customized web-enabled software application. To use this application, the non-expert user does not need to have any experience with Abaqus (or any other expert software running in the backgroud) nor know the Intricacies for this type of analysis. 

Come join us and see how Intel Corporation is using these breakthrough advances in  "Lights-Out" Product Development Automation.


Wednesday March 25, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
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This is an online event. 


Juan F. Betts, PhD, MBA 
Front End Analytics (FEA)