Saturday September 17, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT
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Valerie Weil 
Campaign For Cursive 

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For more information about the New American Cursive workbooks or penmanship program, please visit their website at:  http://newamericancursive.com/


For additional information about the Campaign for Cursive, please visit their website:  http:campaignforcursive.com


Online Cursive Training Session

Hurry:You've asked for it!  Due to many requests though the Campaign for Cursive, the New American Cursive, the Literacy agencies, and general interest in teaching cursive, we are creating another online class just for you.

We are offering another training session so that you can learn and attain certification as a Cursive Coach.

Saturday, September 17, 2016
1:00-4:00 PM Eastern Time  (adjust the time for your timezone)

Fee for this 3-hour course includes all materials and workbooks, shipping/handling, certification testing, shipping in the continental USA, etc.  We like the New American Cursive for its simplicity, but this training applies to all penmanship styles.

Hurry:  Registration Deadline September 10, 2016


Select your preference for teaching in your choice of workbooks

The training session will provide you with workbooks that will allow you to succeed.  The workbooks offer a strong and solid "how to," and practice examples.  These are yours to keep and to use in this training session

For Teaching Elementary Students (Grades K-4)

The workbooks (two, one for K-2, and one for 3-4th grades) that are supplied begin at the very beginning, with teaching the most basic of basics. 

You will learn how to teach proper pencil grip, how to make shapes, directions, connections, and the rules of the page.

The workbooks demonstrate what you will learn, and help you to apply this information with students of all ages.  The workbooks provide examples for practice and a great reference for all teachers and tutors!

For Teaching Older Students (5th Grade-Adult)

This workbook supplies the information that help you develop the skills your students require.

Beginning with the basics, the workbook assist you with all the materials you need, including how-to's and demonstrations, to assist the older student or adult. 

Knowing that the older student has had already developed some habits in writing that make it difficult for them, these workbooks will help you teach them how to correct their grip, page orientation, and learn to develop great writing skills.

America is reintroducing cursive into the classroom!

Where No Child Left Behind did not require the practive of handwriting, and Common Core does not mention it, many states have recently mandated the teaching and practice of cursive to be put it back into  the classrooms.  Why?  Because of the immense benefits this lifelong skill presents:

  • Develops fine motor coordination
  • Develops self discipline
  • Promotes planning skills
  • Allows for creative expression
  • Allows for faster communication
  • and more!

White Paper: "The Truth About Cursive Handwriting:  Why Cursive Matters in the Digital Age"

Read the paper that is making news.  The white paper provides facts on both sides of the issue for handwriting education.  Its