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Friday October 16, 2015 at 4:00 PM MDT
Sunday October 18, 2015 at 4:30 PM MDT

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Arrowhead Ranch, Santa Fe 
1373 Arrowhead Ranch Road
Santa Fe, NM 87507

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Lorrin Maughan 
Shamwari, LLC 
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"Lorrin and her equine partner provided the safety and guidance I needed... I left with a lighter heart and a deeper understanding of and compassion for myself" Alice G, NM

"The coaching was smart and intuitive, creating a safe and trusting space for me to work on very deep and personal issues" Joan S, PA


"My experience with Gift was the highlight... of my life!" Lisa P, NM

"Lorrin's ability to bring out the absolute best in her clients makes for an empowering experience" Emily D, WY


An Equine-Guided Experience 

  • Do you want to have, do and be more in life?
  • Have you found your inspiration to build your dreams?

Whether you seek financial independence and freedom, an authentic path for self-expression and service to the world, or simply a deeper appreciation for life - join us for a unique equine-guided experience that will coach your passions into action!

During this experiential coaching retreat, you will work in partnership with two coaches - one human, one equine - to explore limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that may be holding you back from living the best life you can.

You will also have the opportunity to support the insights you reach, with energy healing and visioning work, to drive action in the direction of your dreams.

Are you ready to invest in yourself through a unique experience with a horse?

Why Work With a Horse?

Horses have a true heart for service and a deep wisdom that comes from being thoroughly in tune with their world on all levels. They live in the present moment and, as such, remind us to come back into ourselves, heightening our awareness of how we experience the world. Their intuition and ability to touch a human being's heart can promote healing on many levels, and their non-judgmental acceptance of us allows us to look at ourselves in a different and more loving way. This all combines to promote profound insights and transformational shifts.

In the Equine Gestalt Method(R) we use a co-active approach that respects and honors the client's innate wisdom and wholeness. The horse and human coaches are equal and active partners with the client on their journey to insight and healing.

No horse experience is needed - we work safely on the ground throughout the session!  

You will be coached, healed and inspired by:


A sweet Paint mare with a huge heart for healing and a talent for helping people reach insights that help them move forward in life.

Gift is a mother to two colts and a trauma survivor. She brings these experiences to bear in her coaching work, holding space in a way that is supportive, encouraging and respectful.



A young off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding, who is finding new purpose as a healer and true friend.

He is an expressive character and true athlete, with an enormous heart and a sweet enthusiasm for life.


After twenty years in the corporate world, Lorrin chose a different path of service to others: Life Coaching. Her business name, Shamwari, means "Friend" in Shona, one of the languages of her native Zimbabwe.

A Certified Practitioner of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method(R), she and her equine partners are striving to create a better world by empowering and healing the people who drive positive change.

Lorrin is also a social justice and animal rights activist, finding inspiration and courage by building her dreams of a more compassionate, just and loving society.


Zia embodies the idea of building dreams and finding inspiration. In 2014, she was nominated for Santa Fe Businesswoman of the year, and was recognized by LegalShield for sales excellence at their international convention in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Zia builds her business by inspiring and helping others achieve their own dreams - whether that is simply to protect themselves and those they love, or to build a business that will help them achieve financial freedom by helping others. She is a supportive mentor and and coach to her team, helping those who are willing to grow and invest in their future as entrepreneurs.

A Santa Fe native, Zia also finds time to give back to the community through a variety of philanthropic efforts, and expresses herself artistically as a way to stay personally inspired.


In addition to being a singer and musician, Robin is also a wife, mother and energy healer extraordinaire. 

A practitioner of Jin Shin Do, various forms of healing breath work techniques, and a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher, Robin applies her healing, clairvoyant and intuitive gifts to support her clients in physical healing as well as achieving balance of body, mind and spirit.

In her practice, Radiant Dawn Reiki, Robin works with her students and clients to bring about the best and highest outcomes on their healing journeys.