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Wednesday, March 30
, 2022 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM PST

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Santa Barbara 2022 Science Fair Winners

 March "Bonus"  Presentation: We invite you to hear about the research done by the Division and Best of Show winners in the annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair. The SEC and its members support this event enthusiastically. We are pleased to recognize the Science Fair winners and their mentors as they prepare for the California State Science & Engineering Fair. Also, we are honored to award the Julian Nott Award, in memory and appreciation of this late SEC member.

Best In Fair ($200)

Senior High
Ryan Devitt
Online photonics tool for lidar
Santa Ynez Valley UHS

Junior High
Jiyoo Kim-Jung
The effect of light pollution on the circadian rhythm of flies
Goleta Valley Junior High School

Best in Division ($100)

Senior Life Sciences
Margherita Scussat
How does rainfall impact the salinity of rine groundwater wells
in the North Campus Open Space in Goleta, California?
Dos Pueblos High School

Senior Physical Sciences
Ryan Devitt
Online Photonics tool for Lidar
Santa Ynez Valley UHS

Junior Behavioral, Cognitive and Social Sciences
Harper Tyng
Does being told a test is easy or difficult affect the
precentage of answers that a student gets correct?
Dunn School

Junior Botany and Zoology
Jiyoo Kim-Jung
The Effect of Light Pollution on the Circadian Rhythm of Flies
Goleta Valley Junior High School

Junior Engineering
Iyad Ahmad-Reda and Justin Ji
Football slingshot
Goleta Valley Junior High School

Junior Environmental Sciences
Lily Wallace
An evaluation of micro-plastic concentration in
coastal waters of Santa
Barbara as a function of tidal level

La Colina Junior High School

Junior Mechanical and Earth Sciences
Oliver Saleh
The Effectiveness of Different Earthquake Proofing Systems
La Colina Junior High School

Junior Molecular Biology, Chemistry, and Microbiology
Gracie Pitts
How does the type of face mask affect the amount of bacteria?
Dunn School

Junior Physics, Electronics, and Computer Sciences
Carter Cotich
The effect of different pressures on tennis balls
La Colina Junior High School

Science & Engineering Council of Santa Barbara
Julian Nott Award ($100)

Recognizing a project that is creative and ambitious,
addressing a novel scientific question

Cora Loomer
Is the color of lightning shown in movies accurate?
La Colina Junior High School

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