Saturday, March 20, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM EDT
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Master Life Coach Lee Robbins, Jr. 
Life Empowerment Enterprises, Inc. 
678-810-0950 (o) 

"Become a Reentry LifeStyle Coach"

The Portal to Accessing Multiple Reentry Resources to Empower Returning Citizens!

Don't Reinvent the Re-entry Resource Wheel, Partner with L.E.E., Inc. & obtain the Keys to a "One Stop Shop for Reentry".


Reinventing the wheelUnnecessarily duplicating a design when a satisfactory solution already exists.

 You will have access to quality training to becoming a certified reentry lifestyle coach and obtain the blueprint to Reentry Housing, Reentry Transportation, Reentry Employment, Reentry National Coalition of Resource Providers!



Reentry Life Coaching - Certified by LEE,Inc. to assist the Returning Citizen with a need analysis, connect them to  reentry resources and develop and hold them accountable to their reentry plan for 6-12 months or as needed.
Monthly Certifications - We certify 100 life coaches/hour per each month and 50% commit to become a Reentry Coach.
Weekly Trainings - Our coaches have ongoing training every week via zoom to keep abreast on reentry updates.
Free Reentry Coaching – We have never charged a Returning Citizen for our services. Our Reentry uses the mission Model.
LC Mission Model – Our reentry life coaches are funded by Churches, businesses, grants, individual who believe in our mission to reduce prison recidivism.
National and Scalable – We have Lee, Inc. reentry coaching in several states and because our certification and training are virtual, we can scale up anywhere at anytime.
Uses Pokket Software – Partnership with Acivilate  gives a better communication and automation to track all the life coaching sessions, coachee’s goals and objectives, and provider resources.

Original on Transparent.pngREENTRY HOUSING

6 to 12 months program - Our housing program consist of a bed, internet access, Direct TV, all utilities included, food assistance, and a resident life coach to help Returning Citizens connect to other resources.



Provide Job opportunities - employment with “ex-offender friendly” employers who will provide benefits after being with company for 3 months or more.
Provide Education and Certifications – we collaborate with the Department of Labor, Goodwill, and several Workforce Development programs to help Returning Citizens develop a career in CDL, Forklift, Weldon, and other certifications programs.
Provide Entrepreneur Opportunities we have an apprenticeship program where Returning Citizens do on-the-job training along side an expert who is willing to mentor them to start their own business.



Provide UBER AND LYFT RIDES - With our car sharing program we provide free and/or low-cost rides for Returning Citizens to get to work, probation/parole office, & special classes.
Provide VAN RIDES – with our van sharing program we provide free and/or low-cost rides for Returning Citizens to get to work, probation/parole office, & special Classes.
Provide Marta tickets Our community partners provide free Marta rides for Returning Citizens.


   Faith-based Services

Virtual Services - We provide non mandatory virtual church services.
Spiritual Life Coach – Free spiritual life coaches from different religious backgrounds.
Food Assistance Our community partners provide free food assistance for Returning Citizens.
Clothing Assistance - Our community partners provide free clothing assistance for Returning Citizens.
Pro social Classes – We provide free pro social classes like financial peace, anger management, family reunification, and fatherhood/parenting.

 National Community Coalition

NFL Chapters - We have teamed-up with NFL players, police officers, providers and participants (Returning Citizens) to help bring prison reentry awareness and funding for the purpose of reducing prison recidivism. Our goal is to have a “Tackle the Shackle’s Chapter in every major city.

Tackle the Shackles “Breaking Bars” Book – Free book for Returning Citizens of successful Returning Citizens. This book empowers RC with an “I can do it too” spirit.