Securing the Complex Ecosystem of Hybrid Cloud

Virtual Symposium

Please join the Homeland Security Dialogue Forum (HSDF) and the Center for Public Policy Innovation (CPPI) for a virtual government symposium on hybrid cloud on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

The government is at a critical inflection point when it comes to the cloud environment. Federal agencies continue to move forward with a cloud smart approach to modernizing IT infrastructure. The cloud promises unprecedented capability to enable the government mission and delivery of citizen-centric services. Federal agencies have a great deal of autonomy when determining their cloud adoption approach and this has led to hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios—providing agencies with flexibility, the opportunity for enhanced security, and the ability to meet long-term modernization goals.

There are some remaining questions about the hybrid and multi-cloud environments, especially as it relates to integration of systems and security products, interoperability and data sharing, and having a comprehensive view of the changing cyber threat landscape, for example. The hybrid cloud environment introduces a very complex ecosystem and presents unique challenges for federal CISOs and cybersecurity professionals. The current environment has seen a major surge in telework, which has been greatly enabled by the cloud, but also must confront new cyber vulnerabilities as more individuals are working from home.

These are some areas that will be explored throughout the program that includes speakers from a number of federal agencies, Congress, and industry.

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