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Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd. 
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Phoenix Perennials 
Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd. 

Winter Jewels Apricot Blush

Winter Jewels Black Diamond

Winter Jewels Blue Diamond

Winter Jewels Cherry Blossom

Winter Jewels Jade Star

Winter Jewels Painted

Winter Jewels Picotee Pearl

Winter Jewels Ruby Wine

Winter Jewels Amber Gem

Winter Jewels Berry Swirl

Winter Jewels Cotton Candy

Winter Jewels Double Slate

Winter Jewels Golden Lotus


Winter Jewels Hellebore Pre-Order 2021 

The Winter Jewels hellebores are the best available in North America. They come in double and single strains with bold, rich colours, large, symmetrical flowers, and great vigour. These strains also improve every year due to the diligent breeding of Hellebore Queen Marietta O’Byrne. Because they are seed strains every plant is unique and collectible. The exact colour of each plant will be close to the pictures but not always exact, though always beautiful. 


These Lenten roses bloom from February through April. No garden is complete without hellebores and this special series is sure to add precious colour to your late winter and early spring garden. This year we are offering starter size plants only. About 10-20% of starter size plants will bloom in 2021 with most beginning in 2022 and sometimes a few holding out until 2023. You can shop a la carte to get your exact colours or save with our collections:

Fill your world with the beauty of hellebores by getting yourself a collection in a full range of colours.

Pick-Up or Shipping: Plants will be available for pick-up AFTER the Hellebore Hurrah! and opening weekend likely in late March. This year they need a bit more time to come along. We can also ship your plants anywhere in Canada. We will ship in April depending on the weather conditions in your area. We cannot hold plants for shipping beyond April. You may need to protect your plants for a while after you've received them before you can plant them outside. 

Order la Carte... 

Starter Size* Singles (Regular $19.99)
Winter Jewels: Apricot Blush, Black Diamond, Blue Diamond, Cherry Blossom, Jade Star, Painted, Picotee Pearl, Ruby Wine.  

Starter Size* Doubles (Regular $21.99)
Winter Jewels: Amber Gem, Berry Swirl, Cotton Candy, Double Slate, Fire and Ice, Golden Lotus, Jade Tiger, Onyx Odyssey, Painted Double, Peppermint Ice, Red Sapphire, Rose Quartz, Sparkling Diamond, Sun Flare. 

Or Order a Collection 

Ultimate Winter Jewels Starter Collection – Save 15% -- Get all 22 Winter Jewels single and double starter size cultivars listed above. Pre-Sale Price $397.61 + taxes. (Regular Price $467.81. Save 15% or $70.17.)

Winter Jewels Single Starter Collection – Save 15% -- Get all 8 Winter Jewels single starter size plants listed above. Pre-Sale Price $135.93 + taxes. (Regular Price $159.92. Save 15% or $23.99.) 

Winter Jewels Double Starter Collection – Save 15% -- Get all 14 Winter Jewels double starter size plants listed above. Pre-Sale Price $261.68 + taxes. (Regular Price $307.86. Save 15% or $46.18.) 

These discounted collections will not be offered at the nursery so please order in advance. 

Once You've Noted The Hellebores You Want,
Click "Register Now" to Order 

*Starter sizes are in 21 cell plugs or 9cm pots. All will be robust plants.

Important Note: When you check out, click on the Pay with PayPal link. Once there you can use a PayPal account or simply pay with your Visa or MC and PayPal will process the transaction for us. When using your Visa or MC you do not need a PayPal account.

Local Customers: Plants will be ready for pick-up in late March. We will email you when your order is ready. Pre-orders are held for 4 weeks after which time your plants are returned to general inventory, a 25% restocking fee is deducted, and credit note issue for the nursery. No refunds are given. 

Canadian Mail Order Customers: Some of these hellebores will be available on our official mail order site in 2021 but if you are a fan of hellebores and want to ensure you get certain strains, it is best to order here with a minimum $40 in plants. Orders will be shipped in April, depending on the weather conditions in your area. Orders cannot be held any later than April so as long as weather conditions allow for safe shipping, we will need to ship to you. You might need to keep the plants in a protected place such as garage, greenhouse, sunroom, or cool room until your weather conditions warm up. 

Our pre-orders are administered in a separate system from our mail order site which cannot quote exact shipping rates. We expect a shipment of 1-3 hellebores would cost about $30-$40 depending on how many plants you choose and how far you are from BC. Quite distant or very rural locations will cost at the upper end of the scale. Orders greater than 3 plants would cost incrementally more as weight and box sizes increase. Please note that we do not make money on shipping and charge only to cover our costs.

In order to streamline the shipping process for the upcoming season, all mail order customers will be asked to provide full address information and a shipping deposit of $50. Once your hellebores have shipped, we will either refund the remainder of your deposit if the shipping is less or send you a PayPal money request if the shipping is more which you can pay with a credit card or PayPal account. We expect that in most cases we will be refunding a portion of your deposit.

We can also provide courier service to anywhere in the Lower Mainland using the same process as for shipping. Courier rates can be found on our Plants to the People page.

Winter Jewels Fire and Ice

Winter Jewels Jade Tiger

Winter Jewels Onyx Odyssey

Winter Jewels Painted Double

Winter Jewels Peppermint Ice

Winter Jewels Red Sapphire

Winter Jewels Rose Quartz

Winter Jewels Sparkling Diamond

Winter Jewels Sun Flare