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Wednesday January 5, 2011 at 12:05 PM
Wednesday January 5, 2011 at 01:05 PM
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How is your life different being on-purpose?

"All the difference in the world – fulfilment, singularness of focus and fun."  – Rev. Charlie Holt

"SAVED MY LIFE... I had an early mid-life crisis :)"  Michelle Ogden, CRPS, CFP

"Focus, commitment, and resolve." – Lyn Perez

Session 1: Free Webcast Preview
Wednesday, January 5, 12:05 PM
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Event SponsorChristian Chamber Logo"Do you need focus and clarity in your life, careeer, or small business? 

"I strongly recommend The On-Purpose Leader Experience.  It provides a life transforming inner clarity and unshakable strength for today and into the future.  The great success of the Chamber is due in large part because key leaders and I apply the On-Purpose Approach to our lives and to leading the Chamber."

Mark Goldstein, President


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On-Purpose Partners, LLC 
I'm Still Trying To Figure Out
What I'm Going To Do With My Life
When I Grow Up!

It is funny when we say it, yet the price of not really knowing who we are as adults is needlessly costly to our:

  • OP Person UpdatedHealth
  • Self-esteem and sense of worth 
  • Job and employer
  • Earning capacity
  • Stress level
  • Educational pursuit
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Spiritual growth
  • Career and business
  • Friendships
  • Financial situation

Being stretched to the max and burdened under more commitments than available time is a hard life.  Life wrapped so tight makes it hard to tell where to begin making life make sense. 

The desire to make a difference is inborn.  Despite many achievements and accomplishments, it is so frustrating when we know we're capable of being better at leading our lives, families, and career – but, we don't know how to change it!

The On-PurposeŽ Leader is rated M for Mature because you've decided to step more fully into the person you werM for Maturee intended to be and become.  You're unwilling to keep paying the cost in wasted time, energy, emotions, and resources in unimportant stuff.  You're ready to get on with your life and work.  Why pay the the high price when you can:

  • Gain personal clarity
  • Develop new and better options
  • Focus on what matters most in your life
  • Create a productive order for your life
  • Identify, set, and keep to your priorities
  • Learn how self-care need not be selfish
  • Refresh and reset your life
  • Find the job of your life
  • Get beyond success and significant thinking

    Have you found yourself saying, "Something has to change!" but you're not even sure where to begin?  Begin today by clicking on the Register Now! link below:

    January 5, 2010, 12:05 Eastern

    Introductory SessionRegister Now!Your only investment is your time.

    Registration is required to gain access to webcast and conference phone lines.

    Kevin McCarthy casualHave you ever had a Mentor?  The On-Purpose Leader Experience is life-transformation work at the heart level.  No matter how good or how challenging your life has been lately, don't go another year without really knowing who you are; who you can become; and how to get there.

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    Kevin W. McCarthy
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