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Educate. Certify. Maintain. Sign-up and become a Certified JK Technician or continue your education with the online service training portal. Introductory through Level 3 now available online. *This training is designed for tanning beds used in North America*

Information about the classes:


We will cover basic maintenance, lamp hours from timers, lamp hours from controllers, Lamp hours from displays in units, and how to send time from controllers.

 Level 1

You will learn the fundamentals of cleaning and operational maintenance of your tanning equipment; such as changing lamps and starters, decor lighting, and proper filter and acrylic/decor surface cleaning. A portion of the day will also be spent on reading and understanding the electrical schematic format used by JK, which will lay the groundwork for understanding the more advanced service training on the next day.

Level 2

The focus will be on troubleshooting units and timers in network environment as well as the various error codes displayed by the equipment under certain conditions. You will learn the proper sequence and methods for testing and replacement of various components such as lamp holders, ballasts, facial tanner components, etc. all while ensuring proper safety procedures are followed.

Level 3

The specialized training will focus on the use of JK's proprietary software package referred to as "Service PC." The tool will enable experienced technicians to perform advanced service setting and diagnostics only available through the use of Service PC. 

To attend this specialized Level 3 training, the technician must have successfully completed Introduction, levels 1 and level 2 of the JK training program, and have a proven track record of working on JK's tanning equipment for not less than six months.

Technicians should also have:

 Intermediate technical knowledge/understanding

 Experience in troubleshooting appliances, incl. electrical appliances

 Knowledge of electricity and electrical safety procedures

 Ability to communicate well with others

Online Service Training Pricing:

$199.00 l Introduction + Level 1 + Level 2

$199.00 l Level 3

$399.00 l Recertification (Introduction + Level 1, 2, 3)

 This does not include the Dongle Fee.