Saturday, June 27, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT
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Temple of Witchcraft 

Connecting with Animals 

What animal are you? In the range of online surveys many of us have probably seen and filled out this one. However, as witches we have other ways of finding the answers to this question (and probably get better insights than those online surveys). In this class we’ll be talking about the different ways animal spirits can come to us through media, in our meditations, and in our daily travels.

The animals of the world have a wealth of lessons and wisdom for us, all we need to do is take the time to talk to them and listen in return. Come and talk about where we find the animal wisdom and practice some skills to connect to that wisdom to enhance our spiritual practice.

This class is designed for everyone and hopefully everyone will find something helpful and useful to add in your spells, circle castings, divinations, meditations, and healing work. Be prepared to talk about your experiences in the last section of the class as we discuss what your specific animal connections mean to you. There will also be a journey to meet one animal spirit that wants to help you. $30 class fee.

Jason is a Licensed Massage Therapist in New Hampshire (#2878M) and Massachusetts (#1915), Reiki Master Teacher, and Shamanic Practitioner/Diviner. He is currently a student in the Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School and Deputy Minister for Taurus.