Saturday, October 31, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT
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Temple of Witchcraft 

The Isle of the Dead: A Journey of Healing & Wisdom with Christopher Penczak 

The Fortunate Isles, Avalon, Hesperides, Elysium, and Tír na nÓg – otherworldly realms associated with blessings, the dead and the elder faery races. To traverse to the fortunate isles were to travel over water, through various gates and guards to find paradise of the eternal realm. In this journey, travel with the three queens of the world across the waves and through the mist, to the branches of silver and golden apples. Meet with the Ladies of Love and Wisdom. Find regeneration and rest in the mound, awakening the once and future sovereign with you to return again to the world. $30 class fee.

Christopher Penczak (christopherpenczak.com) is a High Priest and founder of the Temple of Witchcraft and is lead minister of the Temple's Sagittarius Ministry, responsible for teaching and deepening the Mysteries.