Friday, March 24, 2023 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM EDT
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Temple of Witchcraft 
An Awakening Within Ourselves with Bona Dea

Bona Dea is the Roman Goddess of fertility, healing, and the fruitfulness of women and the land itself. With her rites held in secret, much of her story has been lost to time, including her true name. The title, Bona Dea or the Good Goddess, brought forth new beginnings and blessings as she was said to open the doorway, so we move forward with prosperity and fertility. 

In this class, we will learn about Bona Dea, her mysteries, and ourselves as well. During the first half, we will hear stories of how she was celebrated and the blessings she offered. For the second half, we will hold a rite of offering to Bona Dea. Then we will journey to the Good Goddess herself to seek guidance, healing, and understanding of her mysteries and our own. 

Join Renee Bedard for this ritual in the Virgo Ministry’s ongoing Healing Deities series. All registered will receive a recording of the class. Class fee: $20.00.