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Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM PST
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Malaga Cove Library (Gallery Room) 
2400 Vía Campesina
Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274

(No Elevator Access in this facility)

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Events/Programs Chair, LA 
American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Los Angeles - Las Vegas Section 

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Free admission for everyone. RSVP is preferred for hall arrangement.

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No open-toe shoes


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For the previous October 5 registrants (only), we will still provide you with the sandwiches/snacks/soda.

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Saturday, November 23, 2019

(You do not need to be a member of AIAA to attend the event. Volunteers are needed for all AIAA activities)


Space Tourism !

Mr. John Blincow, Dave "Mac" Mackay,
Mr. John Spencer
, Dr. Thomas Spilker, and
Prof. Madhu Thangavelu

(with Guest Speaker
Bethany Orozco for a brief introduction for STEM Education with EnCorps)


Mr. John Blincow

President, Gateway Foundation


John Blincow has worked as a pilot for 24 years, flying all over the world in such aircraft as the Boeing 757, DC-10, and Boeing 747-400. John Blincow’s experience as a pilot instructor includes United Airlines, Boeing Flight Safety, and as a security instructor for The Transportation Security Administration (TSA). John Blincow graduated with a B.A. from Cal State San Bernardino in 1996.

Dr. Jessie Christiansen
Research Scientist, Deputy Science Lead
Caltech/IPAC-NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

Dave "Mac" Mackay

Chief Pilot of the 22 Feb., 2019 VSS Unity VF-01 Flight into Space)
(Awarded Commercial Astronaut Wings by FAA)

Virgin Galactic, Virgin Galactic


Dave Mackay, Chief Pilot

Flying Since: 1977

Career: Royal Air Force, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic

Main Types Flown: Harrier, Boeing 747, Airbus 340

Test Pilot School: EPNER (French Test Pilots’ School), 1987

Total Experience:14,000

No. of Types Flown: 140+

Career Highlights: Served with the RAF in West Germany, Belize, The Falklands, France, the USA and UK First Harrier field site covert night operations

First single seat low level night attack flights, Harrier GR7

First ship compatibility trials in Sea Harrier FA2 First spinning trials Tucano basic training aircraft

Officer Commanding Fixed Wing Test Squadron, Boscombe Down Awarded the Air Force Cross by HM The Queen, for services to test flying Principle Fixed Wing Instructor at ETPS (UK test pilot school) UK historic aircraft display pilot for 22 years. Flown aircraft from all eras, from world’s oldest original flying aircraft (1909 Bleriot) through to early jets Virgin Atlantic captain on B747 and A340 for 13 years

Dr. Jessie Christiansen
Research Scientist, Deputy Science Lead
Caltech/IPAC-NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

Mr. John Spencer

Outer Space Architect
Founder, President, Space Tourism Society (STS)
Co-Founder and Chief Designer: Mars World Enterprises, Inc. (MWE)
Co-Founder and President: Red Planet Ventures, Inc. (RPV)

John is a pioneer in the field of outer space architecture. Three man-rated projects he worked on have flown in space.  He is the founder of the Space Tourism Society (STS)  and the author with Karen L. Rugg of the book Space Tourism—Do You Want to Go? Apogee Books, 2004 and the creator of the concept of orbital super yachting. He is the senior space science/futurist for the Science and Entertainment Exchange who provides advice on a wide range of science for movie and TV producers, writers and designers. He is also a real estate designer/developer for space/future themed entertainment projects.  Over $300 million has been invested in his projects. He is currently designing the $1.9 billion Mars World attraction/resort for Las Vegas. John is a media source for space enterprise and space tourism with over 200 interviews completed in all mediums.

Outer Space Architecture: Since the late 1970s John has been a pioneer in the field of outer space architecture. He received two awards from NASA for his design work on the “International Space Station” (ISS) assembled in Earth orbit and did the first interior designs/models for the “SpaceHab” Module which flew 15 times in the Space Shuttle cargo bay. In 1982 he started pioneering the space tourism industry, basing it on the cruise line industry, and since the mid-1990s he has been designing his original concept for an orbital super yacht called “Destiny.” He is the author with Karen L. Rugg of the first book on space tourism published in the U.S. called Space Tourism—Do You Want to Go? Apogee Books, 2004

Location Based Entertainment: Paralleling his real space work is his design and development work on Earth-based space/future themed real estate ventures, with over $300 million invested in building his original space/future, Sci-Fi concepts to date. He is currently designing a proposed $1.9 billion space/Mars/future themed mixed-use complex called “Mars World” to be built in Las Vegas and Shanghai. Recent design projects include a terminal building for the Mojave Air and Space Port and the “Space World” pavilion interiors at the South Korean Science Center.  It opened to the public in early 2015. His concept and master plan design for the “Space World Japan” theme park opened to the public in 1991.

TV and Movies Advisory Work: He is an advisor on space/future themed movies, TV shows and computer games. He has provided advice to James Cameron on his Mars movie, Steven Spielberg’s company Amblin Entertainment on two TV shows and Disney Junior’s for the animated TV series “Miles From Tomorrowland.”  He recently advised JJ Abrams company, Bad Robot on a space movie and he provided advice to the first director of the movie “Passengers.” Recently he has been working with Zak Penn (screen writer for the movie Ready Player One) on a Space TV series. He is a senior space science/futurist advisor for the Science and Entertainment Exchange which is a part of the National Academy of Sciences.

John is a media source for space enterprise and space tourism with over 200 interviews completed in all mediums.

Dr. Jessie Christiansen
Research Scientist, Deputy Science Lead
Caltech/IPAC-NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

Dr. Thomas Spilker

Chief Architect, Gateway Foundation
Vice President for Engineering, Orbital Assembly Corp.


Dr. Thomas R. Spilker earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University and then worked for more than 20 years as both a scientist and engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Retiring in 2012, he started his own consulting business as a space flight mission architect. Tom worked on NASA’s Voyager, Cassini, and Genesis missions, and is a Co-Investigator for the MIRO instrument on ESA’s Rosetta mission.

Dr. Jessie Christiansen
Research Scientist, Deputy Science Lead
Caltech/IPAC-NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

Prof. Madhu Thangavelu

Faculty Member and Director,
University of Southern California (USC)
International Space University (ISU)

Board Directors, National Space Society (NSS)


Madhu Thangavelu, MSc is space projects director of the Cal-Earth Institute and a fellow at NASA’s Institute of Advanced Concepts. He is an advisory board member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics with a focus on the design of complex space projects, including space stations and exploratory missions. He also teaches at the University of Southern California. Madhu’s educational background is in Architecture (Masters in Building Science, USC School of Architecture) and in Engineering (Bachelors in Science and Engineering, India). Versions of Madhu’s masters thesis (conceived during ISU ‘88 at MIT) entitled “MALEO: Modular Assembly in Low Earth Orbit. An Alternate Strategy for Lunar Base Establishment” were published in several journals worldwide.  He is a creative consultant to the aerospace industry in the newly evolving field of space architectures complex concept synthesis. His concepts have been reviewed and appreciated by NASA, the National Research Council, the National Space Council, and his work has been presented before the National Academy of Sciences. Madhu is on the visiting faculty of the International Space University (ISU) and lectures to Space System Architecture students at ISU and at USC. He continues to present and publish original concepts in Space System Architectures and chairs related sessions at conferences. He is a coauthor of the book The Moon: Resources, Future Development and Colonization and is Vice Chairman for Education, Los Angeles Section of the American Institute Of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

Dr. Jessie Christiansen
Research Scientist, Deputy Science Lead
Caltech/IPAC-NASA Exoplanet Science Institute

Bethany Orozco
"Advance your industry. Inspire the next generation"

EnCorps (

After volunteering as a university student in the Minneapolis Public Schools, Bethany was compelled to inspire a love of math in urban students and joined Teach For America. She taught high school math and science at Da Vinci Schools in Hawthorne, California where she created project-based curriculum and connected academics to 21st century skills and real-world issues. Most recently, Bethany was a Recruiter with Partnerships to Uplift Communities Schools. She also worked to empower teacher voice in policy decisions made at the local and state levels as a Program Coordinator for Educators 4 Excellence, while simultaneously serving as a selector for Teach For America. After realizing the huge shortage for great math and science teachers, Bethany joined EnCorps to find the best and brightest talent and help them transition into careers as educators. Bethany earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota and Secondary Math Teaching Credential from Loyola Marymount University.

The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program recruits, selects, develops and supports the best and brightest STEM professionals, as an innovative, long-term solution to the shortage of high quality, impactful educators for under-resourced students in high needs schools.

Dr. Jessie Christiansen
Research Scientist, Deputy Science Lead
Caltech/IPAC-NASA Exoplanet Science Institute