Reshoring & the Resurgence of Manufacturing

Emerging with Supply Chain Strength Webinar Series


When: Friday, June 11, 2021 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Presenter : Ian Oxnevad, President at Monitum Analytics, Inc.

Does your business face political risks? If you worry about supply chain stability as the result of a war, pandemic, tariffs, local zoning, corruption, or political turmoil, the answer is yes.  Your company operates in a number of political and economic environments that all hold unique challenges and threats to your profitability and viability as a business. This week, Dr. Ian Oxnevad will discuss the importance of sound political risk analysis and its use in foreseeing threats to your operations.  You will learn what connotes a political risk, and some of the techniques used to detect and mitigate it. 

About the Speaker:

Dr. Ian Oxnevad is a political scientist and political economist who specializes in issues of geopolitical and economic overlap, such as geoeconomics, economic warfare, corporate espionage, political and economic risk, and terrorist financing, and money laundering.  As an academic, Dr. Oxnevad has extensively published research on these issues, as well as on the Middle East and other regions of the world.  He is the coauthor of Middle East Politics for the New Millennium: A Constructivist Approach (Lexington Books, 2016), and the author of the forthcoming book Making a Killing: States, Banks, and Terrorism from McGill-Queens University Press that is due out later this year.  Dr. Oxnevad is the President and CEO of Monitum Analytics, and regularly assists clients on matters of political and economic risk.