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Paula Hinkel 
Southern California Genealogical Society 


Saturday June 11, 2011 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM PDT

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Online - Streaming Video - Live Broadcast 

This streaming video presentation is offered free of charge as a service to the genealogical community.

SCGS members will be able to watch archived versions of the webcast at their leisure on the SCGS website at www.scgsgenealogy.com.  The recordings will be available by the end of June.

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Jamboree Live Broadcast: "But it Ain't Really the Original Record!" - Kory Meyerink AG, FUGA 

We often think that the microfilm copies of records, or the publish transcriptions, are the same as, or as good as, the actual records. But it just isn't so! Even microfilms are usually made from copies of the originals. However, there is hope as this lecture reveals the differences between copies and the acual document, as well as what to do to make sure you are using the best possible records for your research

Kory MeyerinkKory L. Meyerink, AG, FUGA, is a manager at ProGenealogists in Salt Lake City. He formerly held positions with Ancestry.com and the Family History Library. He is past president of UGA, founder of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, a nationally known speaker, editor of Printed Sources, and adjunct faculty for BUY and San Jose State University.