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Paul A Kiewiet MAS+ 
Michigan Promotional Professionals Association 


Friends For Kids in Foster Care

When a child is separated from their parents through foster care, they need love and support more than ever. And when they're brought into a new foster family, they're often expected to move quickly. Some children are given just a simple, black trash bag in which to pack their treasured possessions.

You likely have a gently-used piece of luggage to spare. Consider donating one or more so that children in foster care have a safe, comfortable way to carry their belongings as they move into a new foster family. It's an incredibly simple way to make a world of difference for vulnerable children.

  • Bags Full of Hope

    When most children enter foster care, they are given two trash bags to move everything they own. It is horrific enough that a child has been abused or neglected, but then to have all of his/her belongings placed into a trash bags places a feeling of worthlessness on the child. It makes him/her feel like garbage. 

    We would like to bring just a little bit of dignity to their lives. Working with Bethany Christian Services, we can provide large duffels and gently used luggage to foster kids around the state. We're guessing that you probably have a closet, basement or attic with unused luggage that would mean a lot to these kids. 

    If you're coming to an upcoming MiPPA event, please bring luggage that you can donate to our cause. (We'll have some trash bags for you if you want to leave the ones you bring with you). Several supplier partners including BicGraphic, Gemline and Alphabroder/Prime are also donating large duffels for our cause. 

    Not attending? Contact paul@mippa.org and we'll coordinate getting your bags of hope to kids who need them.


More Ways to Help

  • Foster parents receive small stipneds to cover clothing and medical expenses for the children in their care. However, they often pay out of pocket form many other items and activities. Working with Bethany Services, we're raising money so children in foster care can join  their classmates on field trips and other extracurricular activities. We hope you'll consider a cash donation. 

    Two ways to bring love and dignity to kids who need it... 1) Donate new or used luggage so children can safely transport their worldly belongings.. 2) Make a cash contribution for our fundraiser to provide school field trips and activities for children in foster care.

    Note: Donations made through the PayPal or Credit Card link on this page are processed through MiPPA which is not a 501(c)3 charity and so your deduction is not tax deductible. If you need the deduction, please donate directly to Bethany at www.bethany.org or by writing your check payable to Bethany.