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Charles Robinson 
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Welcome to! My personal site. 


I am a life, spiritual, and executive coach as well as a real estate investment coach. 

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Please see below for the ministry that I can do for and with you!

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Receive detailed personal spiritual input into your past, present and future through Prophet Dr. Charles Robinson 

Charles has ministered to thousands in this way and they have been catapulted into their destinies.

Charles is the author of the  new curriculum "Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture - a 7M Coaching Certification Guide". The principles within this curriculum are applied to your coaching sessions.  You may purchase this curriculum on Amazon or for 50% off at 

Charles is known the world-over for his accuracy in sharing the heart and mind of God with you and for being able to speak the "hidden things" of your destiny and decree them forth.

Purchase additional coaching sessions for a thorough follow-up in your areas of need.

If you are looking to become a Certified Professional Coach as a career or you are interested in belonging to a coaching association click here.

   What Can LIFE Ministires International Do For Me?

  • Personal Life Coaching.

    Your L.I.F.E. coach helps you experience more balance and fulfillment in your life by Addressing these areas of need: Family, Career, Relationships, Spiritual, Social, Recreations, Health, Finances, Mental Attitude and Personal Development.

  • Ministry Coaching and Training
  • We support you as you serve in ministry and we train you in these areas of ministry: Pastoral, Pastoral Counseling, Leadership, Praise and Worship, Family, Marriage, Elderly, Men, Women, Youth, Children, Outreach Evangelism, & Administration.

  • Healing the Brokenhearted
  • Personal Inner Healing and Freedom from the hurts and challenges of life.

  • Intercession and Prophetic Ministry
  • Dedicated intercessors to pray consistently for your needs and agree for God's will and best to come forth for your life.

  • Overcoming Grief and Loss
  • Offering God's healing touch in helping you overcome the loss of a loved one, a job, a home, a friendship and other important areas of your life.


Dr. Charles and Liz Robinson have been coaching since 2005, when they founded WISE Ministries International. WISE is a training, equipping and service ministry to businesses and ministries as well as church and para-church organizations locally and internationally. Now, God has led them to separate and enhance their personal life coaching offerings to people that may not have a business or that want to have one but have barriers in their personal lives' that need to be overcome and goals and dreams that need to be realized.

Charles and Liz founded and led a dynamic local church in Austin, Texas for five years. They are ordained ministers with the Christian International Ministries Network.

Together, Charles and Liz have over 12 years of experience in coaching that impacts their clients personal lives' in profound ways. These areas include marriage, finances, relationships, spiritual life, personal development, health and goal-setting and goal-reaching.

Charles and Liz have three years each of Bible Theology Training from the Faith Theological Seminary. in Tampa, Florida. Liz has a B.S. in Business Administration in Marketing and Charles holds a Doctorate in Theology from the Joseph Global Institute and has a degree in Information Technology and is a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Crises Chaplain. Charles is a member of the International Association of Coaching, IAC.

As experienced church and corporate pastors, intercessors, chaplains, teachers and business owners, they and their team of intercessors and business consultants are equipped to support and empower you and your ministry for success. Apostle Charles is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles, ICA led by Apostle John Kelly, Global Sphere's led by Apostle's Chuck Pierce and Peter Wagner, and the International Society of Deliverance Ministers, ISDM Charles also is a member of the International Association of Coaching, IAC. . Charles and Liz are the directors of the International Apostolic Marketplace Intercessors Network, the IAMIN. The IAMIN is advised by an external board of directors with a broad-base of marketplace ministry experience.

Coaching is done remotely or onsite, whatever your desire.