Sunday, December 3, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST
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The Historic Haunted Jackson Ranch
8910 Callaghan Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78230

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Ashtara Sasha White
Teacher of the Light & Profound Healer
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  • 30 minutes
  • Profound Reading
  • Instant Healing
  • Your Reading is Recorded & emailed to you but you can ALSO have your CD mailed to you for $5 packaging/shipping
  • Cash / Credit Card

     After you finish Registering Online, Ashtara's assistant will call you to schedule the TIME of your appointment.  It is great to register via phone or online in advance if you are able to.  Otherwise, just come to Ashtara's Booth at the Expo and Sign Up in person.


"I had a session with Ashtara yesterday and I felt amazing this morning!  All of my pains are gone and I feel totally amped up!  I'm ready for more!"

Heidi - Austin, TX

"I've been hurting for a long time, 10 years... and I've just ignored it, but the pain has gotten so bad in the last 5 years that I feel like I'm just falling apart.  But now (after my Private Session) the pain is GONE!  And I wrote down all of these things I wanted to talk about before my session and she answered all of them, I didn't even have to ask her!"

 Diane M. - Canyon Lake, TX 

"Since seeing Ashtara, I had my MRI and it showed that everything is healing perfectly!  She was so wonderful to give me a session.  I was having all kinds of pain when I saw her, some degenerative and worse.  I am SO glad she healed me and I enjoyed seeing her SO much!"

 Debbie H. - TX

"Ashtara is definitely awesome there is no doubt about that!"

 Chris W. - Austin, TX 

"Ashtara helped answer my prayers, completely straightening out my scoliosis and neck and hips that have been a wreck since I was 11 years old.  OMG, I felt it right away when she worked on me but when I got home I saw my back is STRAIGHT like it hasn't been for 48 LONG years!!!  My two arms hang even like they always should have.  I cannot find the words to express to you and the unseen master healers who helped how GRATEFUL I am to you.  I couldn't even remember how it felt to stand with my hips level and symmetrical.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and a billion times more THANK YOUS!!  I'm just so amazed and appreciative!!!  I had a painful crooked back since I was a child that I have suffered with all of my life.  I had to wear a back brace from ages 11 to 14 which was torture and afterwards stayed away from orthopedic surgeons who could only offer a rod in my spine.  As an adult, the pain got a bit worse when I was pregnant with my child.  I've spent thousands of dollars and untold hours at chiropractors, massage therapists and others but nothing stopped the agony.  I'm just so happy that TODAY WAS MY MIRACLE DAY and you were able to heal my back, thank you Ashtara!!!"

Knoel B. - Austin, TX

"Dear Ashtara, you are so incredibly sweet, loving and giving!  I can't wait to start listening to your teachings on your CDs.  YOU are such a precious GIFT to all who see you, are healed in the Light by you, the ones who get to know you and those who consider you a friend.  You will always have my love, admiration and deepest respect here and beyond.  Blessings in every Spectrum of the Rainbow that surrounds you!"

Deborah T. - Virginia

"So grateful meeting you on the Peru Trip and grateful for the words and insights you've shared through your gifts to me and my friends that have contacted you."

Elizabeth M. - Austin, TX

"I just finished sitting for a long period of time and had NO pain in my leg for the first time in years!!!  THANK YOU Ashtara!"

Ethel H. - Round Rock, TX

"I don't even know how to say thank you, I have been helped so much by Ashtara healing me and not having to have knee surgery after I severely tore my meniscus.  After two treatments with Ashtara my meniscus, torn ligaments, nerve damage, etc. were completely healed!  Since my surgery was scheduled in a few days, I showed up for it but after additional tests they were amazed that my knee and meniscus were perfect and I did not need the surgery.  I am eternally grateful for such a profound healing."

Michelle A. - Austin, TX

"Ashtara is absolutely THE BEST healer (and I have been to a LOT of people).  I always feel SO much better after seeing Ashtara!"

 Jill H. - Austin, TX 

"Oh, I feel so much better.  That pain I've been living with in my stomach is GONE!"

 Louise - Dale, TX 

"It's been a really great experience having a session with her!  I even started feeling better the night I called her and now after seeing her it's amazing.  I feel perfect.  I was in pain for 2 years with my back hurting every single moment and now it is gone!"

 Kathryn R. - Austin, TX 

"Everything you've told me in the past has come true exactly!"

Heather T. - Austin, TX

"I want to thank Ashtara for the healing because she was right on about my grandson and him needing to see a neurosurgeon.  She is a blessing, such positive energy!  I could feel healing rays she was sending out through her prayers on the radio program.  I was like ... w o w ..."

Norma H. - Connecticut

"I wanted to thank Ashtara so much for a healing today that she gave me at Unity Church service.  I feel 100% better and I'm able to breathe freely and better than I have in a long long time.  So, I'm just thrilled and I'm very very grateful.  Thank you very very much.  And also, my husband and I bought a juicer and we started juicing for the first time.  It was really sweet, it was good.  Thanks again so much.  Lots of love."

Morena S. - Round Rock, TX

"Dearest Ashtara!  I appreciate you so much!!!!  Thank you for the wonderful transmission session the other day!  It nurtured and supported me deeply!!!  YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!!!!!!  BIG LOVE!!!! AND AYAYAYAYYAAAA LIGHT!!!!!!!"

Kathleen O. - Austin, TX

"My knee is already much much much better!"

 Kay H. - Austin, TX 

"Everything she told me during my session verbatim the doctors told me the same thing here when I went in.  Amazing!  What would I do without you Ashtara?"

 Deborah T. - Germany

"I just want to say THANK YOU soooo much for staying so long on my Radio Show.  We had an overwhelming amount of callers!!  You were WONDERFUL!!!!  I really admire your energy and passion to help people. That was awesome!!  And I really appreciate all the insight you gave me. Just wonderful!! Again, THANK YOU sooooooo much!"

 Vera M. - The VeraNormal Radio Show - Austin, TX

"After my session with her, there are miracles happening in my life!  THANK YOU Ashtara!"

 Wanda L. - Houston, TX

For more testimonies: www.AshtaraSashaWhite.com