Thursday June 19, 2014

Registration at 9:00 am.  

First session begins at 10:00 am.


Sunday June 22, 2014 at 5:00 pm.  


Alatau Resort,  Almatynskaya area, Karasaiskiy region, v. Tau-samaly,  Auezova  str. b.n. AO LOK Alatau (Health-improving Therapeutic complex Alatau) 

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE: Arrive: Thursday, June 19, by 09:00 am.   Departure is Sunday, June 22, after 5:00 pm (17:00)

TRANSPORTATION: If you need to fly into Alamaty, the air code is ALA.  

The flights in and out of Almaty are often very early in the  morning because of the time difference between Western Europe and Kazkhstan.  Please allow enough time to land, arrive at the hotel and to be rested for the event.  

Please contact the organizers 2 weeks in advance of your arrival so they may have a chance to arrange transportation for you.  

ACCOMMODATIONS: Double occupancy rooms are inlcuded in the event fee.   Single occupancy requests will be granted if space is available. 

 Extra Days: If you plan to arrive early or stay longer,  please  contact the organizers who will make the appropriate arrangements at the hotel or give you other appropriate accommodation information.  Extra days need to be paid directly to the hotel.

WEATHER: Daytime temperatures are around a high of  85-70 F or 30-21 C. Night temperatures will be cooler.  

WHAT TO BRING:  Appropriate clothing for staying in a hotel, coming to meetings, and practicing Reiki.  There is a swimming pool and sauna at the hotel for your use for an additional cost.  

DIETARY PREFERENCES:  Meals are served in  buffet style.  You can choose between vegetarian items and traditional.  If you have special dietary needs, please bring this food with you.   

PHONE/INTERNET SERVICE: There are no public phones available.  Please check with your service before leaving home. There is wifi internet coverage in the hotel but often it is not suitable for regular business use.  

EVENT FEE:  $810 USD  includes three nights, all meals beginning with lunch on Thursday and ending with the tea break on Sunday afternoon,  Russian/Englsih interpretation,  organizer expense and facilitators' expense and fees.   $596 USD without hotel room includes most meals, interpretation, breaks, organization and faclitiator expeneseSingle rooms available for additional charge.  See Registration Page. 

DEPOSIT:  To guarantee your space, send $400 when you register. The balance is to be paid before you arrive if possible.  Please arrange this directly with Bayan or Svetlana.  

PAYMENT: Payment may be made by PayPal or by cash.   Residents of the former Soviet countries contact organizers for payment details.  

 INTERPRETATION: The interpretation is Russian/English.   This is included in the event fee.  Other language needs must be arranged privately.  

REGISTRATION: To register, please click the Register Now! button and fill out the form. 

Registration and payment questions:

Bayan Djoldasbekova or Svetlana Ushakova  
bayan62@mail.ru  or  anandsumati@rambler.ru              +77015992354  or +7777254??090


    Reiki For a Better World

Regenerating Our Purpose

June 19-22 2014      Alatau Resort, Almaty 

In Support of the Vision: Reiki Home


As we travel towards the mountains our imagination becomes reality.  Our reality shifts with each step we take towards the vision of what is to become our new understanding of Reiki as a living entity.  

About 100 years ago, Reiki was brought into our world by Mikao Usui through years of preparation and practice.  His legacy has been received by millions around the world.  Now Reiki is calling us to another level of understanding and practice.  Using the last 100 years as a foundation, using our years of personal experience and understanding, using the thousands of treatments that have flowed through hands, Reiki has emerged as a living entity with form and essence.  

As we develop as students, as the energy field grows more substantial, as Reiki becomes a force in the world, other facets of the living entity of Reiki are revealed.  Though learning beginning principles of Regenerative Thought, integrating this in the physical world through percussion, and through sharing Reiki tretaments, each individual student will have an opportunity to find their gift and their contribution to Reiki Home, to their local Reiki community, and to their practice.  

We all long for a better world.....and there is a place for each of us to contribute.  The world needs contribution on all levels.  Reiki is a perfect practice from which to serve humanity.  

We come together for a purpose.  This purpose is:

To strengthen the Reiki Community as a container that supports the development of each practitioner to their full potential 

In a way that awakens a sense of collective and individual responsibility for the legacy of Reiki

So that Reiki can bring its unique leadership and contribution to the evolution of humanity.  

A sharing from a participant in the event held in England:  

"The third circle is when you embrace the first two circles and suddenly you have a bigger picture and Reiki!! Here we can listen to the voice of Reiki as it has called us all along without the filters of our ordinary levels of practice and participation in Reiki.  This is a mystical place where more becomes possible in a way that is hard to understand in the smaller circles. I  became acutely aware and disturbed at just how ‘domestic’ my Reiki practice is.  I began to see how my first level or circle of participation attempts to bring my experience and understanding of Reiki down to my level. This does not limit Reiki; but I am limited within my practice of the unlimited! I asked myself the question -what would Reiki within me, within us, be like if I / we could acknowledge the utter universality and scope of Reiki. What would we hear, what would we do, what would we BE?  What impact would this have on the state of the world around us? 

The sound percussion portion of the work was a complete revelation once I got out of my first reaction and let the joy of movement and sound speak for itself. Then I had the possibility of a different listening. Here we were creating both individual and collective sound and music that was both personal and but part of the greater whole. It was amazing how everybody’s contribution to the greater sound worked and became harmonious!!!  It was joyous! This was collective sound, part of a global sound and music to be. There were many octaves within the musical part of the weekend, just as in Reiki there are many octaves or circles depending on our listening."   Gordon Melvin

Resources for Regenerative Thought

Ben Haggard, Jessica Palin, and Phyllis Furumoto each carry years
of being with Reiki, find their gifts have application in the development of Reiki Home, and have a calling to support the Reiki Community in taking its next step as a developing spiritual practice that will put Reiki into the mainstream of global choice for healing and regeneration.

They invite you to bring your questions, your doubts, your willingness to explore, and your enthusiasm for Reiki and adventure!

Ben Haggard



Ben Haggard: Santa Fe NM USA
Landscape & Community Designer.
Resource for shifting paradigms.


Jessica Palin


Jessica Palin: Suffolk England UK
Professional Percussionist, Music
Therapist, Facilitator for Personal
Development Groups.

Phyllis Furumoto


Phyllis Furumoto: Tucson AZ USA
Reiki Master, Lineage Bearer of Usui
Shiki Ryoho, and Educator.