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Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 3:30 PM CEST
Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 12:00 PM CEST

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Gaunts House 
Petersham Lane
Wimbourne Dorset England BH21 4JQ
United Kingdom

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Ursulai Frauchiger
Global Reiki Webinars


Global Reiki Gathering 2019: Realizing Dreams

It was Phyllis's dream to bring together the Global Reiki Community, with all of our diversity of culture, geography, and form of reiki practice to share reiki and celebrate all that unifies us. In honoring our beloved teacher, we invite you to gather with us on June 6-9 at the Gaunt's House in England in order to realize that dream, as well as celebrate Phyllis's life together as we collectively move through the transition of losing her.

Before Phyllis's passing she wrote:


Webinars have become a wonderful way for people to share wisdom, questions, and conversations about things we care about personally and as a planetary being.  Thank you for your participation in our offerings!  Without you.....our webinars would not be in the world!  

For the last two years we have gathered people in Michigan for our global webinar gatherings. These have been sweet and some of our participants came over from Europe.  These people allowed us to turn to the East and contemplete coming to Europe ourselves.  Because of timing and (possibly) coincidence Gaunt's House in the UK looked like our perfect place to be.  Yea!

Our first site is in the UK....and close to the sacred sites of Avebury, Stonehenge, and Glastonbury.  If you come early or stay late.....these are close by places to explore.  Now for the site!  Gaunts House in Dorset.  If you have looked on the internet (www.gauntshouse.com)...you will have read the history and philosophy of Gaunts House and it is totally congruent to our needs and our philosophy as well.  We will be cared for there and given a place to nourish ourselves when the group comes together.  We have space for over 100 people....including those in tents or campers!  

Realizing Dreams!  The first one is obvious....for many of us, meeting other Reiki people from other countries is a dream.  Here we not only get to share dream time but also Reiki and other things we have in common.  Serving the world, actually becoming a part of the Reiki Global Network, and finding a Reiki project you have in common with a smaller group that gives you something to work toward as an international group!   

As the energy moves us towards Gaunts House, there are creative ways to make sure you are there!  What are the retraining forces that keep you from signing up?  Money?  Hold  Reiki event where all the money you earn will go toward the airfare to the UK.  If you are a master or member of a community locally, you can come as a representative from that community....and the community can make sure you have the funds to attend!  Time?  See if someone will care for your sheep and cows for the  week you are gone!  Bring your children if you want.  Keep seeing yourself in the UK hugging new friends and deepening old friendships.  (Children who are Reiki students are welcome.  They will be able to attend all of the sessions and partake of the energy that brings, you, their parents, to Gaunts House.  Infants under 2 are free and will be cared for by accommpanying parents. For other situations, please contact us on the GRW facebook page or send us an email.)

While Phyllis will not be with us in body, Rachel is traveling from the US and can't wait to see and hug you! 

Because the in-person was a very important dream for Phyllis to realize, Johannes Johannes Reindl, who was acknowledged by Phyllis as her successor, has invested great effort in arranging to be there with us for some of the event. Those who attend will have a chance to meet him in-person, offer him love and support at this crucial time, and celebrate the many gifts that Phyllis left for us while we also celebrate her life and heal together in her absence from this plane.

The registration fee includes accommodation, meals, breaks, special diets, organization costs, and accommodation for staff.  

with love,
Phyllis, Johannes, Rachel, Ursulai, Kate, & Feona