Monday April 6, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM EDT
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Liz Garrett 
Essential Wellness Coaching 

Essential Oils Lifestyle: Healthy & Happy Pets 

More and more people are looking for natural ways to maintain a vibrant and healthy life for their pets. Come learn how you can use genuine, therapeutic-grade essential oils and other natural supplements to help you have a healthy and happy pet. How can aromatherapy help your dogs, cats, horses, birds – even your children and yourself? It’s amazing!  When used correctly essential oils can:

  • Improve health
  • Improve behavior
  • Add quality & longevity
  • Support the immune system
  • Assist the ill
  • Assist with abandonment issues
  • Help repair emotional & physical damage from trauma
  • Assist digestion
  • Assist in transitions
  • Recover from injuries

Enjoy an AromaTHERAPY evening--you will be AMAZED.

Experience for yourself how essential oils can enhance your life, every day, simply, beautifully and naturally.

Discover this ancient-yet-modern, empowering, science-based approach to wellness that allows you to use the resources nature provides to balance yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Therapeutic grade essential oils are considered to be the leading edge of natural healing. They have been used throughout history as medicine, for beauty, and to ease pain, depression, and stress.

On the first Monday of each month, we explore a different aspect of the Essential Oil lifestyle.  Plan to join us!

April - Essential Oils for Pets

May - Essential Oils for the Active Lifestyle

June - Essential Oils for Life's Little Emergencies

July - Essential Oils for the Healthy Woman 

August - no gathering

September - What's New from Convention

October - Essential Oils for the Healthy Man

November - Essential Oil Gift Ideas

December - Essential Oils for Spiritual Attunement

Hope you can join us for a FREE educational and fun-filled aromatherapy gathering and experience the joy of The Essential Oils Lifestyle!

No charge.
Class limited to 6 attendees.  Please reserve your seat now using the registration button below.  

A few appointments for Zyto Scans are available beginning at 5 pm.  Reserve yours now!

NO MORE GUESSING!  Assess Your Body's Needs Quickly and Accurately.  Learn which Young Living Essential Oils or Supplements your body needs.

Simply place your hand in a cradle and Zyto Compass measures the electrical conductivity of skin to determine the body's priorities. It uses Galvanic Skin Resonance (GSR)-the same technology used in lie detectors.

Receive your personal report for special discounted rate of $20.

RSVP Now!Please use this button to RSVP for the gathering, reserve a zyto scan or both.