Tuesday, March 3, 2020 from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST
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The Jackson Center
6001 Moquin Drive NW
Huntsville, AL 35806

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Tina Kelley
Cornerstone Initiative


WorkPLACE Development

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Today, 85% of workers are disengaged at work - costing U.S. businesses $350 billion per year! More than half are looking for another job, while every month, 2.7 million U.S. employees make the decision to quit their jobs.   When this happens, companies spend at least 20% of the lost employees' salaries just to replace them.

In Huntsville, we have a booming economy where employers are in need of a strong, available workforce.  But what about the workPLACE?  With the competitive environment that now exists in North Alabama, companies must be savvy in the ways they lead and care for their most valuable asset - their people.

Having led a global organization committed to helping low income individuals find and keep meaningful employment, David Spickard, former President and CEO of Jobs for Life, understands what it takes for all people to thrive at work in the face of overwhelming obstacles. Now serving as a consultant for companies all over the country, David consults leaders who long to build a fully engaged and committed workforce within their companies.

Join us on March 3, 2020 as David, along with some of our own local leaders, walk us through some tangible steps to building a thriving work culture that attracts and retains a thriving workforce!

What to expect at the C4 Conference this year:

Session 1: Thriving LeadersIn this session, we will discuss the unique chal-lenges that leaders face, the way they view their work, and the unique opportunity they have to transform lives and communities.

Session 2: Thriving Employees - This session is built around an understanding of the unique challenges in the workforce today and what it takes to invest in our employees to help them thrive. What does it take to access a workforce that may already have overwhelming barriers and help them be reliable, productive employees?

Session 3: Thriving Cities - In this session, David will give leaders a vision for the ways they can use their business to transform our city, create peace and justice in our community, and leave a redeeming legacy through their work.

*Conference tickets are $99 and include breakfast muffins, coffee, and morning snacks.




C4 PM Dinner Topic:

"Just Leadership in an Unjust World"

In a world crying out for and even demanding justice, what does it mean for us to be leaders who are just?  How does our leadership empower ALL people to thrive and live a life filled with purpose and impact?

Whether you are a business owner, a Director of Operations, a CEO, or carry another title that makes you a "decision maker" at work, you will be inspired and challenged from the insight David brings.

Join us at 6:30 PM the evening before the C4 Conference at Cyn Sheas Cafe; dinner is included.  The C4 PM event is limited to 100 participants.  Please click the "Register Now!" button and select C4 PM to register.

*Dinner Tickets are $30  





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